2023 OMODA International User Ecosystem Co-creation Conference Concludes Successfully: Collaborating with Global Users to Surpass Boundaries for a Shared Future

From October 15 to 18, the 2023 OMODA International User Ecosystem Co-creation Conference was successfully held in Wuhu, China. User representatives from over 30 countries globally were invited to this grand meeting, a convivial platform where OMODA and users could deeply interact and converge. 

"Users" were undeniably the stars of this conference. With an immersive ecological product exhibition, a low-carbon ride involving thousands of global users, newly established directions in philanthropic collaborations witnessed by users, and multi-round, multi-scenario user test rides and drives, the vibrancy was palpable. At the user-themed conference on the 18th, OMODA created a stage for global user representatives to share their stories and life propositions intertwined with OMODA. 

Every specialized event, teeming with exuberance, demonstrated OMODA’s significant emphasis on building a user ecosystem. A retrospective glance at the highlight moments of the conference allowed global users to experience the pioneering, joyful new ecosystem, anticipatory technological advancements, new journeys in green development, and the thrilling experiences brought by the intuitive electric vehicles of OMODA.

Peripheral Boutique Exhibition: More Than Just Cars

During the conference, OMODA crafted a technologically enriched "Ecological Product Exhibition" for car enthusiasts and users. Charging piles, drones, digital intelligence, trendy sports, and an array of other exhibits created an immersive, joyful living experience space. Here, users could directly perceive the derivative excellence of OMODA’s products.

OMODA 5 and OMODA E5, adorned in dazzling car clothing, were the cynosure at the exhibition. OMODA 5’s specially customized car clothing fused the avant-garde design style of the model, unveiling the exquisite blend of technology and art. In contrast, OMODA E5’s attire accentuated futurism; the flowing lines on the side rendered a dynamic and stylish temperament, conveying OMODA’s intelligent and trendy brand elegance. OMODA’s first derivative boutique bicycle, another popular item, attracted many users for riding experiences.

This exquisite exhibition showcased OMODA’s stride beyond the "car" boundary, connecting every aspect of users’ lives. In the future, OMODA will embrace a diverse culture and interests, organizing trendy events for global users who are passionate about life, fostering the connection of like-minded partners, and jointly constructing a new paradigm of "mobility + life" with OMODA.

Advancing Technology, Ushering a New Future of Intelligent Mobility

Beyond the enchanting ecosystem of products that are more than just cars, the "Tech Day" at the OMODA International User Ecosystem Co-creation Conference unveiled more uplifting news about technological advancements, showcasing several latest technological achievements.

Amidst the pivotal phase of automobile electrification and intelligence, Tech Day introduced the third-generation PHEV hybrid technology platform, achieving a perfect balance between robust performance and energy conservation. This platform is set to steer the trend of intelligent and green automotive future. In the realm of autonomous driving, OMODA unveiled several new technologies centered around the Robotaxi model, unlocking a new realm of intelligent mobility. In terms of intelligent interaction, OMODA demonstrated many cutting-edge black technologies, including AI large model onboarding and the Car Enjoyment Metaverse.

For OMODA, "technology" has always been the lifeblood and the fundamental element in building excellent cars for users. With innovation touching the future, OMODA is committed to making the beautiful vision of mobility tangible and accessible to all.

Low-Carbon Ecological Ride: Users Transform into Pioneers of Green Living

If “technology” is a crucial element for an automobile brand to win users' favor, then the exploration of sustainable development and the practice of social responsibility are the surefire strategies for a brand to maintain enduring competitiveness. During the conference, OMODA orchestrated an ecological ride, mobilizing thousands of global users to practice low-carbon travel and lead a green life. 

At the opening ceremony of the thousand-people ride, witnessed by global users, OMODA also signed a memorandum of cooperation with IUCN to jointly explore new directions in the green and environmental protection field, further showcasing OMODA’s commitment to building a car brand with “love, warmth, and emotion.” 

Giuditta Andreaus, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships, IUCN Headquarters

Exceptional products can help users forge a superior travel experience, but brand culture and ecological construction amalgamate more users of the same belief into a powerful synergy. OMODA will continue to amplify its brand potential and user ecological advantages, further deepen cooperation with global welfare organizations, continuously contribute to the high-quality development of the automobile industry, and advocate for a beautiful green lifestyle.

Deep Test Rides and Drives: Unlocking Boundless Exciting Driving Pleasure

To allow the visiting users and media to profoundly perceive OMODA's product strength, OMODA initiated multiple rounds of test rides and drives during the conference. The brand won high praise from global users with its avant-garde design aesthetics, outstanding dynamic performance, and forward-looking intelligent technology.

The test ride and drive area was specially set up in the scenic Fantawild, divided into an integrated race track experience area and a straight-line acceleration experience area. OMODA’s two-star models, OMODA 5 and OMODA E5, were put to the test. The OMODA E5, the brand’s newly launched pure electric model, demonstrated OMODA’s extraordinary strength in the new energy field with its surging power and flexible control in various road condition simulation projects like S slaloms and figure-eight slaloms.

As OMODA CEO Shawn Xu emphasized at the conference, “OMODA will not only make good cars for users but will also continuously transcend boundaries, committed to changing the relationship between cars and people. Through its brand power and creativity, it aims to empower those dreamy, talented users, becoming their intimate partner.” This international user ecological co-creation conference is the practice of OMODA’s “user-centered” concept and the starting point of OMODA’s pioneering and joyful ecology. Aiming to create an all-scenario ecological experience for users, OMODA will keep pushing forward, building a global user ecology, and leading a beautiful future of mobility together with more users.