ISUZU Motors South Africa introduces new paint colours to current vehicle line-up

ISUZU Motors South Africa (IMSAf) is thrilled to announce that it will be introducing the much-anticipated ISUZU paint colours to its current generation of vehicles. These captivating new colours are set to enhance the visual appeal of ISUZU's vehicles, offering customers a fresh and dynamic choice.

As ISUZU Motors South Africa’s operation continues to integrate with the broader ISUZU Motors organisation, we are aligning our brand and product portfolio with the Isuzu’s global product strategy. The adoption of the new paint colours is a natural next step as we launch the enhanced and expanded range for the South African market,” says Kevin Fouche, Department Executive: Planning and Program Management.

These new colours for the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) line-up are a testament to ISUZU's commitment to providing customers with innovative options that suit their personal style and preferences.

The new colours are:

  • Islay Gray
  • Splash White
  • Red Spinel
  • Mercury Silver
  • Onyx Black
  • Biarritz Blue
  • Dolomite White

ISUZU continues to offer Desert Orange and Safari Beige in its colour options.

Transitioning Colour Palette

Here's a breakdown of the old and new paint colours along with their corresponding affected models and introduction timings:


Approximate End Date

New Colour

Approximate Start Date

Summit White

31 July 2023

Splash White

01 August 2023

Pull Me Over Red

01 August 2023

Red Spinel

04 September 2023

Son of a Gun Gray

15 September 2023

Islay Gray

16 October 2023


15 September 2023



Switchblade Silver

13 November 2023

Mercury Silver

01 December 2023

Black Meet Kettle

15 December 2023

Onyx Black

08 January 2024

Blue Me Away

22 January 2024

Biarittz Blue

19 February 2024

“This rollout of new paint colours will be seamlessly integrated into the ongoing vehicle production process. Commencing from February 2023, as the current paint stock depletes, the new colours will be introduced without causing any inconvenience or disruption to our valued customers,” adds Fouche.

  • Gen 6 will only come in Splash White, Mercury Silver, Red Spinel and Biarritz Blue.
  • Gen 7 - Base, and L will be available in Splash White, Mercury Silver, Red Spinel, Biarritz Blue, Onyx Black
  • Gen 7 – LS, LSE and V-CROSS (and ARCTIC) will be available in Splash White, Mercury Silver, Red Spinel, Biarritz Blue, Onyx Black and Islay Gray
  • Gen 7 – V-CROSS (and ARCTIC) will still be available in Desert Orange.
  • Safari Beige continues as a special value offering on Gen 7 Base, L and LS models.

“ISUZU Motors South Africa is excited to bring these captivating new paint colours to its vehicles, enhancing their appeal and giving customers the opportunity to express themselves through their choice of colour,” ends Fouche.

For more information about the ISUZU paint colours and the transition process, please contact your nearest ISUZU dealership.