Powerful insight into KZN logistics

MasterDrive concluded their Power Brunch in association with MICHELIN Connected Fleet on Friday. It was a highly insightful event sharing essential information affecting the transport and logistics industry with a special focus on the province of KwaZulu Natal.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the event also provided potential solutions to issues plaguing the industry. “A topic of particular significance was the lively debate around the ports which created a headache for many transporters last year. With experts closely related to the industry, it provided an opportunity to gain clarity on the status of the ports and the way forward.

“With greater understanding of what caused the hold-ups at ports last year, it provided a better understanding of why they occurred. With this understanding comes light at the end of the tunnel because port authorities can address these issues directly and transporters have confirmation it is being addressed directly.”

Another issue of pertinence that arose was compliance amongst transport operators. “In order to resolve many issues within the industry, transporters need to be a united front when it comes to compliance. While non-compliance may be tempting for many reasons, it can also have long-term effects on the industry as a whole.

“These include more damage to the roads, greater wear on vehicles as a result, increased risk of crashes with those vehicles or the consequent effect on traffic and increased fuel consumption amongst others. Ultimately, if non-compliance continues, those who do comply will ‘comply themselves out of business’ because of the challenges non-compliance creates.”

During the lively discussion several other topics arose shedding light on how to best handle challenges often faced by transporters including rising fuel prices, ensuring timely deliveries, vehicle wear and maintenance, environmental concerns, the role of fleet management in solving many concerns and other relevant issues.

The keynote speaker, Jonathan Mphake the national fleet manager at SBV South Africa, addressed supply chain optimisation in fleet management. “This is a complex issue that needs to assess various tenets including vehicle acquisition, vehicle maintenance, fuel and energy management, regulatory compliance, data management, insurance concerns, driver wellness, safety programmes how to speak to drivers rather than at them.

“An essential in fleet management is knowing your ‘why’ and applying it to every action and decision. It plays a major role in contributing to road safety and continued sustainability. Part of successfully delivering on the why of your logistics business is also ensuring that each person from the driver to the fleet manager shares your vision,” says Mphake.

Shivani Pillay, Country Manager at MICHELIN Connected Fleet, says the team was glad to have this event in KwaZulu-Natal. “The Power Brunch is the first of many and we achieved our vision of starting an important conversation that supports transporters in the province, one of South Africa’s key transport hubs, to better navigate the many challenges faced daily and optimise their fleets for on-time delivery and productivity, cost control and safety.”

Standard Bank provided an ideal facility at which to host the Power Brunch. It was an opportunity for Standard Bank to show their commitment to supporting the transport industry while embracing new technology such as EVs, performance based standards (PBS) and promoting best industry practice such as those from the RTMS.

The Power Brunch was an opportunity to share insightful information and perspectives essential to the transport and logistics industry. “It was a rewarding opportunity to engage with the KwaZulu Natal audience. Attendees were thirsty for information and we were privileged to provide them with this,” says Herbert.