ISUZU and Engen gear up for another 1 Tank Challenge

With fuel consumption remaining a priority for many motorists, ISUZU Motors South Africa, in partnership with Engen, will again showcase vehicles and fuels that are available for those looking to drive cost effectively.

This event follows the success of the inaugural challenge last year and will feature the new Isuzu MU-X 1.9 TD LS. Participants will drive from Johannesburg to Gqeberha via East London, powered by a single tank of Engen Dynamic Diesel with Pro Drive, is again set to demonstrate the economical fuel consumption and money saving capabilities of the ISUZU MU-X 1.9 TD LS.

A fleet of ISUZU MU-X 1.9 TD LS vehicles will be put through their paces by selected media representatives from 27-30 April 2024 on a trip from Gauteng to the Eastern Cape to see how far they can drive on a single tank, and what fuel consumption they can achieve. ISUZU and Engen invite the public to follow the participants to see how they tackle the challenge.

“This year, participants and spectators can expect an even better display of endurance and efficiency from both man and machine,” comments Kevin Fouché, Department Executive: Product Planning and Programme Management at ISUZU Motors South Africa. “As always, we aim to push boundaries while pacing ourselves in a bid to show how capable ISUZU vehicles are.”

The 2024 1 Tank Challenge will demonstrate to current and potential customers that they can remain fluid and productive in their daily pursuits by pairing an ISUZU vehicle with Engen Dynamic Diesel with Pro Drive. 

“Engen Dynamic Diesel with Pro Drive is designed to intuitively deliver everything your engine needs to perform at its peak. Our unique formulation gives you superior fuel economy and a smoother drive, while also reducing exhaust emissions,” says Adnaan Emeran, Manager: Marketing Business Development at Engen.

The ISUZU 1.9 engine has gained a reputation for great fuel economy, low running costs, strong performance, durability, and reliability amongst commercial fleet operators and motorists alike. The ISUZU MU-X 1.9 TD LS is powered by an 1,899 cc four-cylinder intercooled turbodiesel engine, which delivers 110 kW at 3,600 rpm and 350 Nm between 1 800 and 2 600 rpm, on a six-speed automatic transmission. 

When it comes to design, the ISUZU MU-X impresses with its unique interior and exterior styling features that marry comfort and elegance, ensuring a luxury SUV that stands out from the rest. Safety-wise, the unique ISUZU Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) monitors the surrounding environment for danger. Intuitive active alerts and passive safety features ensure an extra level of alertness. 

The 1 Tank Challenge is also more than just a showcase for efficient fuel consumption. Part of the mission is also to highlight the importance of vehicle preparation and maintenance, especially when driving longer distances.

“In support of ISUZU’s slogan ‘With you in the long run’, the ISUZU MU-X gives drivers the confidence and freedom to experience and complete whichever journey they choose to follow,” continues Fouche.

“Vehicle stability is very important in long distance drives. For this the ISUZU MU-X has structural enhancements and an improved, stress-tested powertrains boost off-road performance across the range, and with ground clearance of 235mm and wading depth of 800mm.”

Emeran adds; “Engen is proud to partner with ISUZU for the 2024 1 Tank Challenge and we are excited to showcase not only our premium fuel, but also our Quickshop retail convenience experience.  

“At Engen, we recognise that driving is not just about the vehicle but also about the journey. We look forward to welcoming participants to Engen service stations where our Quickshop offerings will ensure that participants are well-fed, hydrated and road-ready.”