SAPICS targets young professionals and students to fuel interest and grow talent in skills strapped supply chain field
Selepe Phetla - SAPICS Director

Reflecting its commitment to addressing youth unemployment in South Africa and the skills deficit in the supply chain field, SAPICS (The Professional Body for Supply Chain Management) will host its Young Professional & Student Conference on 22 February 2024.

This is an online event that is free to attend for SAPICS members, full-time students and young professionals under the age of 25.

Through this annual conference, the organisation aims to ensure that young professionals are industry-ready for job opportunities in the dynamic and increasingly critical supply chain management field and that students are aware of the exciting career opportunities in the profession. “South Africa is facing a youth unemployment crisis, while at the same time experiencing a deepening supply chain skills shortage across many sectors. In today’s volatile, uncertain business environment, there is growing recognition of the importance of supply chain management, and the need to build a pipeline of talent in this skills-strapped field,” comments SAPICS director Selepe Phetla.

He notes that many graduates lack the skills, resources and experience to capitalise on opportunities in the profession. The 2024 SAPICS Young Professional and Student Conference will offer presentations covering technical supply chain topics, as well as the increasingly important "soft skills" of this interdisciplinary profession. Industry leaders and supply chain specialists will share their knowledge and insights with the attendees. The conference will end with a networking session with SAPICS mentors.

“While all young graduates and working people need mentoring as they enter the workplace, it is extremely valuable in fields characterised by volatility and change, like supply chain management. Mentoring is an important element of the SAPICS Youth Programme,” Phetla says.

The 2024 SAPICS Young Professional and Student Conference’s sponsors are DP World and MANCOSA.

For more information or to register, visit SAPICS Young Professional & Student Conference.