Vehicle Hijacking numbers down over festive season
Wahl Bartmann, Group CEO of the Fidelity Services Group

Fidelity Services Group confirms that while vehicle hijackings are increasing in general, the group had not experienced any particular spikes in the number of vehicle hijackings nationally over the festive season.

Wahl Bartmann CEO of Fidelity Services Group says, “Fortunately no spikes in hijackings were recorded from our perspective over the festive season. However, we are gearing up as the available data indicates that a spike in hijackings may occur from January and February.”

He says vehicle hijackings are largely a business driven by demand and supply. “As a result, hijackers target specific vehicles for a specific purpose and market. The demand for Toyotas, VW’s, Fords, and Nissans remains high on the black market,” he says.

Based on the Fidelity SecureDrive base for 2023 and into the new year, the most high-risk models are a Toyota Fortuner (GD6 and D4D), Hilux (GD6 and D4D), Corolla Cross, RAV 4, VW Polo (especially hatchbacks), Nissan NP 200, and Ford Ranger (both double & single cabs). Hijackers typically hijack utility vehicles and trucks for the cargo.

“Most hijackings target victims at, or close to, their residences and/or places of work,” said Bartmann. “A recent trend was identified in which the hijackers kidnapped the victims to assist with the location of the tracking device and to delay the reporting of the incident.”

Bartmann also confirmed that approximately 30% of all stolen and hijacked vehicles were taken across the border into neighbouring countries. He advised the public to always be aware of their surroundings and look out for any vehicles that may be following them. If they suspect that they are being followed, they should drive to the closest police station immediately or at least to a busy centre where there are other people around.

“Do not offer any resistance during a hijacking. Remember that perpetrators are always armed and would not hesitate to fire when confronted. Additional perpetrators may stand out of view and fire should you fight back,” Bartmann warned.

A hijacking can happen at any place and at any time. The best response is to be alert and aware of any suspicious activity near you.