Dizzy Dozen

Dizzy Dozen

Twelve years, folks. That is how long Automotive Business Review (aBr) has been going. Forged in the fire of mind-boggling deceit and bad faith, and launched in the vortex of the 2008 financial crisis, aBr reenergised and repurposed the moribund trade publication milieu, with a burst of kinetic energy. aBr turned the boring trade journal template on its head with well-written articles, knowledgeable insights, and relevant information, all laced with a wicked sense of humour and Words in Action. Now, 12 years later, after a dizzying ride, and in the midst of a new crisis, known as Covid-19, aBr continues to surprise and delight.

We spelt it out in the editorial of the September 2008 edition, with the explanation of the genesis, the exodus, and the revelation of the driving force behind aBr, and the triumphant emergence of the Phoenix. It all started four years’ earlier with the launch of aBr’s predecessor, and the delayed promise to walk the extra mile in search of relevant news, of different and fresh articles, and the added promise to write with an enquiring mind and a passion for putting supposedly dry subject matter into stimulating words in action. This passion was hitched to a vehicle to translate a message into the moulding and manipulation of words to confer praise, wit, irony, and to take the art of the pun to a higher level, with the aim of ensuring an entertaining read. For those with a literary bent, we guaranteed a goldmine of discovery, and we guaranteed a combination of humour, irony, and fun, interwoven into a dynamic package.

This promise only found traction with the launch of aBr four years later, not because of baby steps or a learning curve, but because of some pretty hefty inertia from those who wanted to slow the flywheel of innovation. A frustrating apprenticeship, but in hindsight it provided the stimulus and catalyst for better things to come. There is always a silver lining, no matter the dark forces that strive to slow progress and excellence.

Onward we march into the future, and who knows what is about to come? All we know is that the exhilarating ride of the past 12 years has been a wonderful experience, and a period of our lives that will always be cherished. The struggles and the triumphs will provide grist to the mill of war stories to be told to our grandchildren and great grandchildren, and as they sit on our respective knees, and ask the question of “what did you do during the publishing wars?”, we will paraphrase General George Patton, and assure them that we did not shovel horse manure in Louisiana.

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