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Need-to-know training at SAEE Convention 2015

Need-to-know training at SAEE Convention 2015

Energy savings reporting seems so simple, you compare last month’s bill to this month’s, isn’t it? In reality there are factors and variables that need to be considered. You might have a hot summer, therefore you use more air-conditioning. What happens now? You’ve just installed new energy efficient air-con systems and your bill shows you have used more energy not less, where in reality had you not had the energy efficient air-con you probably would have used a lot more than what has been used with the new system. The increase in the utility bill was caused by the hot weather prompting the air-cons to be used more often than other years. Now how do you prove you have still saved energy when your energy bill is higher than it was previously?

This is just one aspect of energy efficiency and energy management that makes this industry challenging and exciting. The Energy Training Foundation’s (EnTF) accredited trainer with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), Louis Lagrange, will explain how to use “Regression analysis” to demonstrate your energy performance in relation to the activities in your organisation so that you are able to substantiate your energy savings claims at the upcoming South African Energy Efficiency Convention (SAEEC2015) at Emperors Palace in Gauteng on 11-12 November 2015. Regression allows you to determine accurate energy performance in relation to all the variable factors and drivers that need to be taken into account like the weather, or occupancy in buildings, production output in factories, etc.

Reporting on energy performance and emissions requires all forms of energy, whether gas, liquid fuels, renewables, water, etc to be converted to kWh so that usages can be compared on an ‘apples-to-apples’ basis. Louis Lagrange will explain the conversion calculations to be able to convert all savings reporting of the various energy forms to kWh in another session at the SAEEC2015. These sessions are available at no additional cost to delegates in attendance.

Regression and Conversion are two modules from the Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) qualification training programme, the must-have qualification in the world as it is recognised in 90 countries, as well as in the Southern African region.

The EnTF has the longest standing track record as an energy training provider in South Africa sharing knowledge for over 13 years. Our trainers do not only have to achieve international Certification, but they have to maintain the Certification to the requirements of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) which requires recertification every three years. In addition, all trainers undergo a rigorous train-the-trainer programme and are re-evaluated every three years as trainers as well. AEE Certification is only granted when examinations are passed with 70% or higher, and if candidates have the necessary working knowledge and experience, existing qualifications assist with achieving certification, however, experience is the key criteria. EnTF is EWSETA accredited, all courses carry CPD credits for ECSA requirements, and besides being a training provider for the SAEE, EnTF is the sole training provider of the AEE in the Southern African region.

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