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Renault new parts & distribution centre (PDC) aims to set the benchmark

Renault new parts & distribution centre (PDC) aims to set the benchmark

With no expense spared in terms of logistical fixtures and fitments, Renault's new PDC located in Spartan is on track to be an industry-leading facility.

Integral to Renault SA's strategic plan is to ensure the ongoing supply of parts and create sufficient capacity for planned growth and model diversification in the years ahead.

Towards the end of 2014, the vehicle importer commenced with the planning phases of a Renault-owned Parts and Distribution Centre (PDC). Having secured suitable premises in May 2015, the new facility located in Spartan, east of Johannesburg, is currently under development and on track to fulfil Renault's business needs and objectives.

Re-designed to maximise stocking capacity, optimise efficient work flows and prepare the facility to accommodate the storage racking layout required, the warehouse has required renovation from the ground up. Based on the capital investment made and state-of-the-art equipment being installed, Renault's new PDC looks to set the benchmark.

The facts and figures below bear testimony to the magnitude of this undertaking:

  • The area of the current PDC is 5 627m² with a racking height of 6m while the new PDC measures 5 550m², but with a racking height that varies between 7.5 and 11 metres.
    • In certain areas a 'narrow aisle' racking concept has been implemented to maximise the square meterage of racking available.
    • While the present PDC has 20 753 bin locations, the new facility will initially house 33 768bin locations and be able to cater for future growth.
  • The mezzanine flooring is the largest of its kind in South Africa and is of a modular design to allow for future expansion requirements to easily be incorporated. The two-tier mezzanine floors measures 880m² and can effectively accommodate adjustable and perforated steel shelving, sliding dividers, buckets and label holders.
  • Based on current demand, Renault's new PDC is manned and geared to receive an estimated 12 containers per month. The planned receiving capacity built in to the facility as well as the processes in place will allow for future growth.
  • Warehouse capital equipment has been purchased in line with the PDC's planned activities and together with this, demarcation lines have been installed on the facility's floor area and will guide the equipment along the aisles and allow the operator to focus on picking or packing thus minimising unnecessary navigation.
  • The sheer size and scale of the facility is evident from the massive volume of materials utilised in its development:
    • Ø 40 tons of steel was used in the construction of the mezzanine alone.
    • Ø Heavy-duty racking comprising in excess of 80 tons of steel together with the 4 700 beams used equates to over 6 kilometres of heavy-duty packing space.
  • UTI has been appointed logistics partner to implement the outbound logistics on behalf of the new PDC and also transfer stock from Renault's previous parts storage facility which was a 3PL partnership with Nissan South Africa in Rosslyn.

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