Freeing the Mind in Vryburg

Freeing the Mind in Vryburg

The peripatetic Partinform road show made its way to the Klondike Lodge, just outside Vryburg, on 11 September 2019. It may not have been a gold rush, but the trip to Vryburg, through evocatively named towns such as Krugersdorp, Ventersdorp, Coligny, Delareyville, Biesiesvlei and Sannieshof is worth its weight in gold

The Vryburgers have a history of independence and free thinking, so it was appropriate that the Partinform concept is designed to free the mind, and thus was well received by the locals. Once you have tasted the Partinform message, your mind is freed from the confines of buying or fitting inferior product, sourced from weird and wonderful parts of middle kingdoms – and you enter the wonderful stress-free world of quality branded product, sourced from local manufacturers and those in the know. aBr was there to give its readers a glimpse of mind control:

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