Partinform Kimberley

Partinform Kimberley

By Austin Gamble

Striking it Lucky at the Horseshoe Inn

I may be digging myself a big hole, but I do believe that the final Partinform show for 2018, held at the Horseshoe Inn in Kimberley on 10 October 2018, was the most vibrant of the year

The show was well attended, and the good folk of the automotive aftermarket in the Kimberley area were treated to a twenty-one carat event, and for those who were digging for news, there was a mine of information on hand. In the words of one attendee, the show was dynamite. The main reason for this was that the Partinform members provided a rich seam of technical updates, product displays, and detailed explanations and insights of the quality that goes into premium branded product. In actual fact, the presenters called a spade a spade when discussing the dangers of fitting inferior quality auto parts, and the advantages of sourcing quality branded product from reputable suppliers, with the attendant benefits of iron clad warranties, and technical support. aBr, with diamonds in the soles of its shoes, was there to record the event.

Sponsors of the Show

A key facet of all Partinform Shows is the support of the sponsors. For the Kimberley show, the sponsors were Federal-Mogul, Bosch, Gabriel and Exide

Stand of the Evening

The stand of the evening laurels went to G.U.D. Holdings

Quiz Show Winner

Booking her ticket at the Partinform year-end event was Joanna Diederiks of the VME Group. Joanna shot the lights out during the quiz show, and she was ably assisted by colleague Albert Smit. They clearly panned the stands for automotive knowledge.

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