Partinform Mthatha

Six days before the 99th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth date, the Partinform Automotive Components Trade Show made its way to the rolling hills of the Transkei, taking its message to the hinterland of the Eastern Cape. Call it coincidence, serendipity or precise military planning, it was a master stroke to have the show on 12 July 2017, as the venue at the Savoy Hotel and Conference Centre in Mthatha, is a mere 32 kilometres from where Madiba was born, in Qunu.

The show was well attended, and it went off well. So well that for the attendees it seemed like a mere 67 minutes of information, education and entertainment. A message of quality, a message of branded product and a message of safety and reliability. It was a message that would have resonated with the father of South Africa’s democracy, as it was a message of sticking to your principles, and a message of eschewing the easy way out. Staying true to your principles and doing the right thing is a universal gold standard that is followed by the cream of the crop, and practised by real professionals, and this philosophy is the core of the Partinform message – go for quality branded product and you will reap the benefits in the long term. Substandard, cheap and dangerous automotive parts have no place in the professional workshop, and no place in their lexicon. It is a non-negotiable, and the Partinform exhibitors and representatives were there to pass on this strong missive.



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