Partinform Port Elizabeth - What to Buy and What Not to Buy in the Baai

Partinform Port Elizabeth  - What to Buy and What Not to Buy in the Baai

The Partinform Manufacturers’ Association was conceived in 1986, with the express purpose of spreading the message of quality branded product to the southern African automotive aftermarket, and “to educate the trade about a brand’s proof of performance versus product with no pedigree and of uncertain origin.” Now, over 30 years later, the Partinform Automotive Components Trade Show continues to spread the word, with regular shows across the sub-continent, bringing knowledge, technical information and marketing nous to all corners and all comers.

On 7 June 2017 it was the turn of the manne van die baai, to get a dose of Partinform wisdom. In the words of Colin Murphy in July 2008, when he was chairman of Partinform, “imported automotive product can be found on every shelf of every parts reseller in South Africa. This is a fact of life. The challenge that the automotive aftermarket repairer faces is that there is a massive variance in product quality on offer. Whatever the origin of doubtful parts, it is a conundrum for the reputable manufacturers. Partinform is about educating the motor trade on the professional benefits of using guaranteed, branded quality parts, and about the need to warn the trade about the obvious dangers of unsuitable parts with regard to roadworthiness, vehicle longevity, and road safety. There are also the potential consequences of imported product of low quality driving out high quality branded product, in both access to such product, and the destruction of local manufacturing resources, and the concomitant social impact.” Murphy went on to say, “our work is never done, because new entrants to the aftermarket need to be caught early before bad habits set in, and we have to continue with the message, day in, day out, city by city, town by town, to ensure that both the current generation, and future parts professionals, understand the importance of quality, branded product, and get inculcated into this way of life.”

These wise words resonate with me every time I attend a Partinform function, because Colin Murphy was indeed prophetic in saying that the work is never done. And one just has to look at the current road accident statistics to know that the educational efforts on keeping the nation’s vehicle in roadworthy condition needs to be doubled and redoubled. Thus, the evening of 7 July 2017 saw the Partinform roadshow at the Pine Lodge Resort and Conference Centre, in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, proselytising and persuading to the hardy baai automotive aftermarket folk who had defied the elements to hear what to buy and what not to buy.

aBr, the fervent media supporter of all things good in the South African automotive aftermarket, was there to record the event, in words, in pictures, in audio, and in video. Thus, to our readers, viewers, listeners, and parts voyeurs, enjoy the spread.

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