MasterDrive Driver Search winner announced

MasterDrive Driver Search has selected its winner to compete with the team at Simola Hillclimb. Shuaib Dhansay was selected from over 80 aspiring applicants eventually emerging victorious due to both his driving skills and winning attitude.

In 2023, MasterDrive Driver Search launched the inaugural initiative to greater than expected success. The General Manager of coastal regions at MasterDrive, Eugene ‘Gino’ Nourse, explains: “It aims to kickstart the career of an aspiring young driver from a previously disadvantaged background, and it has been supported with great enthusiasm. Entries to make it into the first round grew exponentially and it was hotly contested to secure the winning spot.

“The 20-year-old winner, Dhansay, has a longstanding interest rooted in motorsports. As a driving enthusiast it was his dream from a very young age to race. In fact, he aspired to race in Formula One but as he got older, he realised that would potentially only be a dream due to the cost involved in the development required to get even close to competing in the sport.”

Yet, despite this realisation, Dhansay was not deterred. “Despite the difficulty faced to enter motorsport in South Africa and the affordability challenges, indoor karting provided an opportunity. Thus, he embraced it with enthusiasm. Racing was always an easy aspiration for Dhansay and he seized every chance presented.

“Despite the challenges Dhansay faces entering motorsport, his motivation and attitude is testament to his dedication to making it a reality. He not only has the ability to drive a car quickly but is humble and willing to learn. Dhansay applies advice shared and asks questions to learn even more. Everything he did always showed his hunger to succeed.”

An important part of succeeding in motorsport and a world-renowned event like the Simola Hillclimb is having the correct attitude and ability to represent yourself. “Dhansay is certainly a responsible driver and person, engaging well with all around him.

MasterDrive will be proud to have him as a brand ambassador for youth in racing who also places value on safe driving. We look forward to working with someone with this much passion, that wants to learn and who sees this as a great opportunity to potentially move into other spheres of motorsport.”

The coaching process began this week already. “We will start sharing the theoretical aspects with Race Driver South Africa (RDSA) and Dhansay’s training and coaching schedule will be decided for the weeks leading up to Simola Hillclimb. This will include a practical coaching schedule and activities such as karting simulation and coordination activities on the skidpan and circuit.

“We once again look forward to upskilling a young aspiring driver by providing an opportunity to participate in one of the biggest motorsport events in South Africa and which has world-renown as well,” says Nourse.