Dive into the Thrills: Red Bull Racing's 20th F1 Season Launch & Exclusive 'Forever Rebl' Review on TikTok!

Oracle Red Bull Racing kicked off its 20th Season in Formula One with a thrilling globally live-streamed event, heralding the start of a year-long celebration.

This milestone underscores the Team’s significant impact on F1, both on and off the track, as it transitioned from paddock newcomers to multiple championship victors.

Join F1, Motorsport & Lifestyle Content Creator - Matthew Kanniah as he tackles the dynamic new F1 car in the 'Forever Rebl' campaign! Don't miss the heart-pounding review, available exclusively on Red Bull South Africa's TikTok page. Buckle up and join the excitement: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMMJ8CeCg/