Celebrating the cream of South African motorsport

It is that time of the year again when the motorsport community comes together to celebrate the achievements and triumphs of the season. The 2023 Motorsport South Africa (MSA) National Awards are just around the corner, and the stage is set to welcome the cream of South African motorsport as they walk the red carpet into the prestigious Montecasino Ball Room on 10th December 2023.

“The sense of anticipation is once again high, as we look forward to honouring the men and women who have pushed the limits and left us on the edge of our seats throughout the 2023 motorsport season. From tarmac to gravel, from veterans to newcomers, from two wheels to four, the MSA National Awards is a celebration of excellence in all forms of motorsport,” says Adrian Scholtz, Chief Executive Officer of Motorsport South Africa.

The event will see a total of fifty-five champions being recognised for their outstanding performances during the 2023 season. Scholtz says these are the individuals who have dedicated countless hours to perfecting their skills and pushing themselves to be the best in their respective categories. “Their hard work, determination and passion for the sport have earned them a spot on that podium, and they deserve every bit of recognition that comes with it.”

But it is not just about individual achievements - it is also about celebrating teamwork and camaraderie.

In addition to recognising the national champions, MSA will also be awarding thirty Protea Colours recipients. These are individuals who have represented South Africa on the continental and international stage and have made their country proud. They have taken on some of the toughest competitions in the world, showcasing the talent and skill of South African motorsport on a global stage.

The event will also recognise outstanding achievements and contributions in various categories through the Motorsport South Africa Special Awards, from Volunteer of the Year to Photographer of the Year and the Environmental Award of the Year. These awards highlight the efforts and initiatives that go beyond the track and contribute to the growth and development of motorsport in our country.

MSA is also very proud to be awarding Special and  Golden Helmet Awards to worthy recipients. These awards recognise individuals who have made a significant contribution to motorsport in South Africa, and motorsport legends who have paved the way for future generations, leaving a lasting impact on the sport. Their names will forever be etched in history as they are honoured with these coveted awards.  Past winners of these awards include greats like Geoff Mortimer,  Ben Morgenrood, Charmaine Fortune, Ian Topliss, Robert Marle and Tjaart Joubert to name just a few.

Finally, 2023 sees the introduction of the MSA Pioneer Award, aimed at honouring competitors of colour who in the past paved the way for future generations in local motorsport, often in difficult and challenging circumstances.  

“The MSA National Awards serve  as a celebration of resilience and determination in the face of adversity and  a reminder that no matter what challenges are faced by the motorsport community, they continue to find a way to carry on doing what they love, and that is racing,” says Scholtz.

Advance congratulations to all the award recipients and another  successful year of local motorsport  in 2024.