MasterDrive represents at WRX

The 7th and 8th rounds of the World Rallycross (WRX) event were held at Killarney Racetrack last weekend where MasterDrive’s Cape Town headquarters are based.

MasterDrive was proud to have a presence at WRX as the vehicle sponsor of one of the female racers competing and with one of their own instructors competing as well.

The coastal General Manager at MasterDrive, Eugene ‘Gino’ Nourse, says both racers are sources of pride for the team. “Rhonette Rossow, one of two female racers competing at WRX at Killarney Racetrack, started her racing career at the age of 48. She did a complete 180 degree turn in her career and started racing around oval racetracks in her V8-powered ‘go-kart.’

“She soon progressed to racing regional rallycross before receiving an invitation to compete on the WRX stage in the support races. MasterDrive is proud to play a role in making this a reality by providing the vehicle to assist her during these races. It is particularly important to support a female racer in a male-dominated industry as MasterDrive is committed to promoting diversity in racing.”

One of MasterDrive’s own instructors, Ernest Page, was also a competitor at WRX last weekend. “At the age of 27, Ernest started his career in karting as well. He soon took home a number of trophies and the support of sponsors. From there he moved on to circuit racing. Despite a demanding racing career, he is also a dedicated instructor at MasterDrive Cape Town.

“His latest endeavour pushed him out of his comfort zone as he began taking on both track and dirt as he started competing in WRX as well. The decision to go a step further paid off as he proved victorious in many races throughout the season even though it was his first foray into the sport. At this weekend’s races he secured first place in both rounds of Class A/b. MasterDrive is thrilled to see Ernest live up his racing dreams and is proud to show the multi-faceted capabilities of our instructors.”

WRX was a great success for MasterDrive. “We are proud to have such a strong presence at WRX through our support of these two racers, and with one of our own winning both rounds that he competed in. We look forward to what the next race event holds,” says Nourse.