Innoptus Solar Team unveils tenth solar car - painted with Axalta’s premium Refinish brand Cromax

Innovative Axalta technology increases sustainability of the Innoptus Solar Team’s most aerodynamic solar car yet

Infinite, the tenth solar car designed and built by a team of engineering students from the Belgian Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, was unveiled on 14 July 2023 at an event in the Port Authority Building House located in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium. Infinite, painted at the Axalta Refinish Academy in Mechelen, Belgium, will take part in the Challenger Class of the 16th Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia, from 22 to the 29 October 2023. It is the first World Solar Challenge since 2019.

Axalta’s premium Refinish brand Cromax® and its Ultra Performance Energy System that uses revolutionary and patented Axalta Fast Cure Low Energy technology was used on the car at its world-class training facilities in Mechelen, Belgium. The technology considerably reduces energy consumption in the spraybooth while still achieving the best quality repair. It is the only refinish system that can be dried at lower baking temperatures or air dried at 20oC. Members of the Innoptus Solar Team worked alongside the Axalta technical experts performing preparation tasks, such as sanding, masking, cleaning, demasking as well as ensuring all the logos were correctly placed.

Pauline Vanvuchelen, Business Relations for the Innoptus Solar Team, says, “Having built a close partnership based on innovation, passion and teamwork since 2015, we were confident Axalta could handle our most aerodynamic entry yet. Not only are the Axalta experts incredibly skilful, but their guidance and input are invaluable in creating a car that looks amazing, makes sustainable personal transport a reality and is a contender to defend our 2019 World Championship title.”

Koen Silverans, Axalta Refinish Academy Manager, Mechelen, says, “Every time we welcome the team to our facility, they are more forward-thinking than ever before. This year, it’s fair to say the Team and Infinite are the epitome of innovation, sustainability and energy saving – values we share and are which we match when they walk through the doors of our Axalta Refinish Academy. It is appropriate then that the unveiling took place at Havenhuis, as it is known in Dutch. Designed by Zaha Hadid, it symbolises the dynamic, reliable, ambitious and innovative nature of the Port of Antwerp - perfectly aligned to the values the Innoptus Solar Team and Axalta.”

Weight considerations are paramount for Infinite and the livery is no exception. The fewer paint products used, the lighter the car and more easily it can reach its full speed potential. Infinite’s livery comprises the brand colours of main sponsor Innoptus – white, dark blue, light blue and green. It is a complex pattern of flow lines including a fade from dark to light blue. The logos on the nose were painted, while decals and stickers were used the other logos. Three coats of clearcoat with a Xyrallic-effect pigment created the perfectly smooth, aerodynamic and fantastic reflectivity finish.

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