1000 Miglia 2023: relive the most beautiful moments on board an Alfa Romeo

To relive the thrilling historical reenactment of the Freccia Rossa, taking place from June 13th to 17th, here’s a series of photo and video content from the race available to the public which is sure to bring joy to race enthusiasts throughout the world.

420 classic cars, including 48 Alfa Romeo models, took part in the famous tour de force and competed on the traditional Brescia-Roma-Brescia route. This year the format moved from four to five days and the usual 1,6000 km increased to over 2,000, making it the longest edition in the history of the “most beautiful race in the world”, as the legendary Enzo Ferrari described it.

With unforgettable sunsets, glimpses onto extraordinarily beautiful architecture, pouring rain, and the scorching sun, nothing was missing at this adventure rooted in tradition which was won by an Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 SS of the Villa Trasqua team driven by Andrea Vesco and Fabio Salvinelli.

Another three splendid models of the Heritage collection, which are usually exhibited at the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, also made it to the finish line: the 1900 Sport Spider and the 2000 Sportiva, both from 1954, and the 1900 Super Sprint from 1956.

These three gems were able to count on the Stellantis’ Heritage team which, on board the new Giulia “Quadrifoglio 100th anniversary” and Stelvio, not only provided necessary technical assistance, but created a fascinating “bridge” between the brand’s past and future.

The driver’s seat of the 1900 Sport Spider was entrusted to Marius Pop, founder of the “Alfattitude” online community, with Virgiliu Andone acting as the co-driver. The latter stated, “everyone told us that this race would be tough both from a mental and physical perspective, more than any other one we had competed in up until now. However, it’s not a competition of people against cars, but a competition in which people must work in perfect harmony with the car to be successful. The fact that this race is held amongst Italy’s breathtaking landscapes makes the entire experience even more surreal. After successfully completing the 1000 Miglia while driving the wonderful Alfa Romeo 1900 Sport Spider, we came out as better Alfisti, better drivers, and better human beings.”

The same excitement was shared by the team of the 1900 Super Sprint led by Lorenzo Quaglia, a brand ambassador of the Italian fashion company Velasca, and Giovanni Giuseppe Savini, a Tiktoker better known as @giogiusavini. The former stated, “In a more and more frenetic world which thinks only about moving forward, it was really exciting to go back in time for 5 days.” This sentiment was shared by his teammate: “For me the 1000 Miglia is a chance to experience timeless feelings, make memories, take in iconic landscapes, and enjoy frenetic moments filled with color and relaxing sunsets. Thanks to Alfa Romeo I was able to experience five days in another era, a time in which the sporty features of an engine were aligned with an elegant design which was made to last.”

Lastly, Tom Wlaschiha, star of “Game of Thrones” and “Stranger Things” and massive Alfa Romeo fan, could be found in the 2000 Sportiva. The actor stated, “Driving in the Mille Miglia this year with the Alfa Sportiva 2000 was one of the most beautiful and insane experiences of my life. Nothing is comparable to this mix of adrenaline, breathtaking landscapes, and the excitement of the crowd found along the entire route.” His co-driver, Nina Maria Weizenecker, the famous automobile influencer who is known online as NinaCarMaria, stated, “It was the best thing that has ever happened to me and was made possible thanks to this fantastic team. Can anyone hit ‘restart’?”

As proof of the strong and visceral connection between the fans of historic motorsport and the Biscione, which has been a symbol of Italian motorsport since 1910, the three Alfa Romeo vehicles were warmly welcomed by the public at each leg. Furthermore, it was also the ideal occasion to celebrate, together with the Alfa Romeo Tribe spread across the Bel Paese, the tenth anniversary of the Alfa Romeo 4C, the sixtieth anniversary of the Autodelta, and the 100th anniversary of the Quadrifoglio emblem.