ZF Race Engineering extends the partnership with Racing Team ‘Girls Only!’
WS Racing - Girls only drivers line-up for the first race of the 2023 NLS season. Fabienne Wohlwend, Carrie Schreiner and Beitske Visser.

Continuing on from a successful 2022, ZF Race Engineering is proud to confirm the extension of its partnership with WS Racing and the WS Racing - Girls Only team for 2023.

 “The partnership with Girls Only does not just reinforce ZF’s commitment to diversity”, explains Sascha Ricanek, Managing Director of ZF Race Engineering, “it provides an opportunity to continue to develop long term partnerships that truly support the development of leading-edge technology for use in the racing environment and motorsport communities. In addition, we get access to the strong partner network of WS Racing with companies supporting our approach to next Generation Mobility.

Speaking about the partnership, the team lead for Girls only, Nicole Willems enthusiastically commented:  “We are pleased and very proud of the continuation of the cooperation with ZF Race Engineering and Sachs. A partnership that has also grown far beyond the racetrack and unleashes great synergies. We have already been able to demonstrate the performance of this partnership with the Sachs suspension and the new M4 GT4 G82 will of course also start on a high-tech suspension from Sachs.”

ZF Race Engineering has been supporting the WS Racing team since the 2022 season with the team-within-a-team "Girls Only by WS Racing". Part of the joint partnership, which in addition to "Girls Only" extends to all areas of WS Racing including karting and eSports, is the development of a chassis for the BMW M4 GT4 used by "Girls Only" in the Nürburgring Endurance Championship (NLS) and the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring as well as in other racing series across Europe.

As the name describes, the female only race team is a collaboration of all female members from team principle to mechanics and drivers, bringing their expertise to the field of motorsport racing.  After winning in class at the 24 h Nürburgring in the Audi R8 LMS GT4 the team has gone from strength to strength.   This year marks the 10 year anniversary of WS Racing and the fifth year of the Girls Only team as the starting point of an all female eSport Team.  WS Racing is no stranger to the world of motorsport.  Actively involved in the world of racing and motorsport, WS Racing prides itself on its family orientated ethos to encapsulate its passion and drive to excel in the field. 

The Girls Only team are racing the BMW M4 GT4 in the Nürburgring Endurance Series alongside the 24h endurance racing event in 2023.  For the anniversary season the team has a strong female line up with Carrie Schreiner, Fabienne Wohlwend, Célia Martin, Pippa Mann and Beizke Visser. The women will share the car in different configurations for the various races on the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. Therefore, the new BMW M4 GT4 team vehicle is equipped with Sachs Performance technology with high performance suspension and a ZF Race 7 gear transmission based on the ZF 8HP transmission.  Adapted to the specific needs of the car to optimize performance, ZF Race Engineering products are perfectly designed for application at the technical limit. 

As a subsidiary of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, ZF Race Engineering combines the specialities of motorsport, tradition, special series and motorbike to its established portfolio.  Bringing the skills in the fields of electric mobility, vehicle motion control, integrated safety, software & digitalization and autonomous driving, it provides fundamental technical capabilities to support the development of complex, intelligent, motion and mobility systems for Next Generation Mobility.  With a global footprint across Europe, America and Asia, ZF Race Engineering’s expertise in product development, engineering services and cyber security supports specialist technologies worldwide.