MasterDrive enters Simola Hillclimb

This year will be the third time that MasterDrive will have a presence at the annual Simola Hillclimb. During the first two years MasterDrive was proud to hold the role of safety car support with the vehicles from their Hi-Performance Track Experience.

They will again play this important role in 2023 along with their inaugural partner, Castrol. MasterDrive, together with these organisations are adding something exciting to the plans for Simola Hillclimb this year for not only the companies but for a young South African as well.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says in addition to driving the safety cars, MasterDrive will also be entering two vehicles into this years’ Hillclimb with the support of Castrol. “The entry is not just about the love of motorsport but sharing that love with an aspiring youth driver that would not ordinarily have such an opportunity in their life.

MasterDrive opened entries to be the driver of one of the cars to the young South African. The selected individual is from a previously disadvantaged background and meets certain requirements. We are committed to uplifting and advancing the communities in which we operate. MasterDrive is excited to present this unique opportunity to a youth in the industry that has less opportunities than their counterparts.”

The initiative is important to MasterDrive as a way to keep the passion for motorsport alive amongst South African youth. “We noticed at previous Hillclimb experiences that young drivers are in the minority. This is for various reasons including lack of opportunities and associated costs. We have a chance to help an aspiring driver by making it possible to enter their first Simola Hillclimb.”

The initial selection phase of the campaign to find the driver is already well underway. “Round one of eliminations has taken place, and the top five drivers for the next round were selected by a panel of well-known names in the industry including Ernest Page, Claudio Piazzo Musso, Tristan de Nobrega and MasterDrive’s own Coastal General Manager, Eugene (Gino) Nourse.

“The next round of extensive theoretical and practical testing is taking place as well as coaching at the Killarney Track School (powered by MasterDrive) to determine the final candidates. The individual who will win the opportunity to drive in the Hillclimb will then participate in dedicated training and preparation for the event.”

Melanie van Straaten, from Castrol, says they look forward to participating in an initiative to bring new talent into the motorsport sphere. “Cultivating and supporting upcoming generations of drivers is important to introduce fresh talent to the industry. Participating in this new initiative is the first step toward building upcoming drivers that are as passionate about motorsport as us. It is also an opportunity to showcase products like Castrol EDGE, which transforms to become stronger under pressure giving drivers an edge in the competition.”

In our third year being part of the event, MasterDrive looks forward to taking the next step in the Simola Hillclimb while simultaneously uplifting an aspiring driver. “We are creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can help young drivers take a step in the right direction in their driving career,” says Herbert.