Empowerment, Accelerated: ZF Race Engineering Partners with Racing Team “Girls Only!”
“Blue Arrow”: Starting in the 2022 season, ZF Race Engineering will support the women's racing team "Girls Only!" not just with branding, but also with the Group's collective technical expertise. The racing team and ZF are currently developing a new chassis for the BMW M4 GT4.
  • Technology group to develop chassis for the BMW M4 GT4 with racing team
  • Partnership premiers at the 67th ADAC Westfalen Run on March 26th, 2022

This partnership is headed straight for the winner’s podium: Starting with the 2022 season, ZF Race Engineering and ZF Aftermarket will support WS Racing’s all-female racing team “Girls Only!”. The Group will also develop a new chassis for the BMW M4 GT4 in collaboration with the motorsport athletes. Through this project, the company is able to test its technology at the extreme limits of driving – which in turn will benefit series production for passenger car components. The partnership will officially premier on March 26th, 2022, when “Girls Only!” start their new ZF-branded and with SACHS Performance-technology equipped vehicles at the 67th ADAC Westfalen Run at the world-famous Nürburgring.

Passion, skills, and teamwork: qualities that spell success, in the automotive business as well as on the racetrack. When ZF Race Engineering, ZF Aftermarket and WS Racing’s all-women team “Girls Only!” join forces, the rush of adrenalin and expertise in technology go hand in hand.

“Even though women’s teams have been around for a while, motorsport is still widely considered a boys’ club,” says team manager Nicole Willems, who founded “Girls Only!” in 2018. “But with every race, our team shows why that’s not the case.”

“Diversity is important to our company,” states Bahar Freedman, Head of Marketing and Communication at ZF Aftermarket. “This applies to the factory floor, to research and development, to management and extends to our involvement in motorsports. The partnership with ‘Girls Only!’ is a clear signal to the public how committed we are.”

This season, “Girls Only!” will take part in seven of the eight runs of the Nürburgring Endurance Series (Nürburgring Langstrecken-Serie, NLS) as well as the 24-hour race on the world-famous "green hell." ZF Race Engineering and “Girls Only!” will officially premier their partnership on March 26th, 2022. At the 67th ADAC Westfalen Run, the team will enter the race with their new ZF-branded racing cars.

New chassis, well-known technological know-how

“Girls Only!” is no stranger to ZF technology. Clutches by the Group’s subsidiary ZF Race Engineering are already installed in the team’s Norma M30 LMP vehicle series. The next milestone, however, is a big one. Together with the motorsport athletes, ZF Race Engineering will develop a new SACHS chassis for the team’s hero car, the BMW M4 GT4 with over 431 hp. “I’ve driven a variety of vehicles on the track – plus quite a lot in everyday life – and know how reliably components by ZF are”, says “Girls Only!” driver Fabienne Wohlwend. “Which is to say, I’m excited to find out how the BMW will soon perform on the track. And what times we can set with it.”

For ZF Race Engineering, the collaboration with "Girls Only!" is an ideal opportunity to test the Group's extensive development expertise at the very limits of driving. “In racing, we quickly learn how our technology performs under the most demanding conditions,” explains Sascha Ricanek, Managing Director of ZF Race Engineering. “We use these insights to optimize our series production.”

ZF Race Engineering is a subsidiary of ZF. The Group bundles its motorsport, motorcycle, special series and heritage activities under this brand. Its aim is to make the company's products and systems available to the high-performance market and new automotive customer (NAC). ZF Race Engineering currently employs around 250 people at three locations in Germany, the UK and the USA.  

In addition to "Girls Only!", WS Racing also manages another racing team as well as teams in karting and eSports.