The Fast KTM Mountain Madalas breaks the record for Offroad Enduro rider entries with over 460 riders across their many route options

Enduro World organizers are certainly doing something right for their popular Fast KTM Mountain Madalas event in Clarens this last weekend as their rider entry grows for each event.

“Like many of the other organizers they are doing everything right, good venues well organized, excellent routes and the huge class options,” said Ryan Hunt co-sponsor of the Mountain Madalas events. My son and myself love this event and it looks like many other riders also prefer this sort of event, again well done to the Enduro World team for another great event.”

There was some rain on Thursday and Friday night, just enough to make the route a bit wet and slippery on Saturday morning. This all changed like magic the sunshine was there for race day It turned out to be a lovely warm day with the routes drying out during the day. All the riders said they had great traction all day with minimum dust and really enjoyed the route and ride

“It was lovely to watch the riders come in from the routes to the finish with big smiles and happy faces, which is a big reward for us,” said Denise Forsyth Administrative & Marketing Assistant for Enduro World. We also got to see the Legend Ryan Hunt going full taps at the end showing us his MX skills and speed as he came into the finish on Saturday afternoon. He certainly has not lost any of his riding talent.”

“The Madalas format is quite different to a race being a fun event. We have three routes (Red – extreme, Blue – Normal Madalas route, Green – beginners’ short route) to choose from and the riders can choose which route they would like to ride and can mix the routes. They can do one of each or just stick to the red and do as many laps as possible before the cut off time. We had most of the rider’s finish. Their points add up for the routes and those points count towards a medal,” said Forsyth

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