Dacia Duster heads off on another adventure for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc
  • Dacia is teaming up with three crews to hopefully earn its 5th consecutive victory in the Crossover category at the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc.
  • These ‘Gazelles’ will pilot Dacia Duster for a nine-day off-road adventure from Erfoud to Essaouira.
  • The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc car orienteering race rewards those who can navigate the shortest possible route between checkpoints but also those who show prowess in off-road driving.
  • Registered in the Crossover category, the Dacia Duster will require minimal preparation before braving the sands of the Moroccan desert.


First held in 1990, the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc is a women only Rally-Raid race. Unlike any other race, it promotes old style adventuring and off-road navigation.

Scaling sand-dunes, swerving between rocky outcrops, negotiating camel grass, and plotting a course using nothing but a map and compass are just the beginning of what awaits the Dacia Duster Gazelles.

For nine days, the Gazelles will be judged on their ability to find all the check points while covering as little ground as possible. The Dacia Duster will be their best asset when it comes to tackling every kind of terrain the race can throw their way.


Since 2017, Dacia Duster has been the undefeated champion in the Crossover category, winning seven time over the past eleven editions with female crew members coming from five countries (France, Morocco, Poland, Belgium, and Switzerland). Three Dusters with support from Dacia, will take to the starting line for the 31st edition of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc.

Hajar Elbied and Malika Ajaha will compete for their third Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc behind the wheel of Dacia Duster. Having won in their category last year, these two Renault Group pilots from Morocco pilots hope for another successful year on their home turf as number 310. A second back-to-back win in the Crossover category would be a first.

Psychiatrist, Marie Dumas, and financial executive director, Juliette Crépin, will join the Rallye for the first time ever as crew 301. Cousins, they are embarking on the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles to test their mettle and courage, to push themselves, and to experience something entirely new that is as exciting as it is fulfilling. Marie and Juliette support ASF, a Moroccan-based NGO that has been helping single mothers over the past 30 years seek stable employment.

Sabine Bonnet, training consultant, and Isabelle Radenac, telecom engineer, are the proud crew members of team 304. They dream of pushing boundaries and working as a collective. Having first met each other under a bright middle eastern sun, they decided to embark on a new adventure with the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles. Their goal? To promote values found in sports, community mindedness, accountability, and acting as global citizens to better serve the planet.


Friday 18th March – Nice (France), European technical and administrative checks.
Saturday 19th March – Nice, departure and transfer to Morocco.
Monday 21st March – Morocco, arrival at Erfoud. Technical and administrative checks for non-European teams.
Wednesday 23rd March – Morocco, prologue.
Thursday 24th to Thursday 31st March – Morocco, stages.
Friday 1st April – Morocco, transfer to Essaouira.
Saturday 2nd April – Morocco, Essaouira, arrival, awards ceremony and closing evening celebration.