Discovery Sport: Connected convenience for the entire family
  • Simplified design: Latest infotainment technology controlled via new floating 11.4-inch curved glass Pivi Pro1 touchscreen
  • Intuitive control: Pivi Pro1 menu structure takes users to 90 per cent of key features from the customised home screen in two taps
  • what3words integration: Exploring new places is made simpler with unique three-word destination inputs
  • Software Over The Air: Download the latest updates such as apps, maps, software and services, without the need to visit a retailer2
  • Cabin Air Purification Plus: One of the most sophisticated interior air quality technologies in its class3 promotes wellbeing and heightens driver alertness4

Connected convenience is the hallmark of every trip in the Discovery Sport – the compact family SUV that offers the versatility to head out on family adventures at a moment’s notice. 

Our award-winning Pivi Pro1 infotainment has an elegant floating 11.4-inch touchscreen and Software Over The Air2 to help your Discovery Sport's technology improve with time.

Alex Heslop, Director of Electrical Engineering, JLR, said: “Incorporating the new 11.4-inch touchscreen and latest Pivi Pro infotainment into the Discovery Sport brings more functionality, more versatility and a more intuitive user experience. With Software Over The Air we can continue to improve and expand the connected features without inconveniencing the client.”

Advanced and intuitive Pivi Pro infotainment1

The new floating curved glass Pivi Pro1 touchscreen is integrated elegantly into the redesigned centre console, providing intuitive control of key features from the larger 11.4-inch screen, positioned high on the centre of the dashboard for ease of use.

At the beginning of every journey, drivers are presented with a Pre-Drive panel for fast access to commonly used features, such as window demisters and the optional heated seats. Once on the move, it disappears to reveal the familiar three-panel home screen that can be customised with trademark Pivi Pro1 intelligence and flexibility.

Controls for frequently used items such as the climate, seating and audio volume are always visible to the user via new sidebars, featuring multi-functional sliding controls on either side of the screen. For added convenience, shortcuts for media, navigation and cameras are visible too.

This latest generation infotainment was the subject of extensive testing and development, both digitally and physically with human testers, to reduce task and interaction time and deliver the most user-friendly technology experience possible. Approximately 90 per cent of tasks are accessible within two taps of the home screen.

Pivi Pro1 provides effortless smartphone connectivity with Wireless Apple CarPlay™ 5. Wireless Android Auto® also connects as soon as you enter the vehicle, while Wireless Device Charging – from a new stowage area in the redesigned centre console – provides immediate fast charging without the need for wires.

For simple navigation, what3words is also integrated within Pivi Pro1. The clever mapping technology divides locations into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, each assigned a unique combination of three random words to provide a what3words address. This simple system will allow family adventurers to find precise locations with minimal fuss, allowing you to explore off the beaten track with confidence.

The digital experience is heightened on the Dynamic SE and Dynamic HSE models by a 12.3-inch fully Interactive Driver Display6 and optional Head-Up Display (Standard on the HSE). Complementing Pivi Pro1, they put vehicle, navigation and driving information in the driver's eyeline7.

For clients with the plug-in electric hybrid engine, Pivi Pro1 makes it easier to use public charging networks; displaying where charging stations are (where the information is supported), if the charge station is currently available and what the cost is to use.

The system will also display charge status and enable drivers to choose between three driving modes to best suit their needs: Hybrid mode, Electric Vehicle (EV) mode and Save mode. Using the Park and Pay app8, which supports in-car payments, drivers can pay for parking using the vehicle touchscreen without having the correct change or even retrieving their smartphone.

Connectivity gets better with age

Supporting the digital experience further, Discovery Sport is always up to date thanks to Software Over The Air technology2. The vehicle’s software can be updated without the need to visit a retailer, giving clients the very best ownership experience by reducing the time it takes to deliver the latest features and upgrades, allowing the Discovery Sport’s technology to improve with time.

The vehicle automatically searches for software updates and, when a new download is available, the driver is notified via the touchscreen. The installation starts once the vehicle is stopped, locked, alarmed and all windows are closed, with the installation time showing on a pop-up notification. Clients have the option to schedule their software updates up to 14 days in advance, at a time that suits them.

Multiple modules can be updated wirelessly. These span telematics, infotainment and vehicle control systems, improving the performance of core software to ensure the vehicle is operating at the latest level. A single software update can target multiple vehicle systems.

Advanced assistance

One of the most comprehensive suites of camera technologies in its class3 provides greater driver reassurance, courtesy of ClearSight Ground ViewTM 13 and ClearSight Rear View MirrorTM 17, plus 3D surround cameras. Smart ground view camera technology stitches together images to provide a view below the bonnet, while the rear view technology provides an interchangeable mirror and video screen for enhanced visibility, for example when the rear is full of passengers or the boot full of luggage.

A comprehensive suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) includes technologies such as the optional Rear Collision Monitor with automatic braking. The Rear Collision Monitor uses radars to constantly monitor the vehicle’s rear, meaning the Discovery Sport is primed to reduce the severity of the impact for the occupants, while the optional 3D Surround Camera lets the driver see what’s happening around the vehicle at speeds of up to 30km/h, making manoeuvring and navigating difficult terrain even simpler.

Discovery Sport is capable of towing up to 2,500kg14. The Towing Pack includes Advanced Tow Assist, with controls now displayed on the 11.4-inch Pivi Pro1 touchscreen. This allows users to use the digital slider to adjust the vehicle’s steering and an attached trailer’s angle while reversing. In addition to significantly reducing driver workload, the feature enhances manoeuvrability and safety when reversing, with the driver alerted when approaching a jack-knife situation.

Cleaner air

Discovery Sport now benefits from cleaner cabin air thanks to Cabin Air Purification Plus4, offering one of the most sophisticated interior air quality technologies in its class3. With PM2.5 Filtration and CO2 Management, the system helps to promote wellbeing for the whole family, as well as heighten driver alertness by monitoring and controlling CO2 levels inside the vehicle.

To activate the system, the driver presses the Purify button within Pivi Pro1 and the feature automatically senses, displays and reduces the PM2.5 level inside the vehicle. Once activated, Cabin Air Ionisation and CO2 Management are also engaged. CO2 Management detects the CO2 level inside and outside the vehicle and displays the airflow to show it actively reducing the amount of carbon dioxide present in the cabin. It does this by automatically reintroducing fresh external air when necessary.

Cabin Air Purification Plus also features Cabin Air Ionisation. The advanced system combines nanoe™ X technology to combat pathogens and help significantly reduce odours, bacteria and allergens4.

The system can be activated within Pivi Pro1 or switched on automatically when the Purify function is engaged. Drivers can also use the Exterior Air Quality (AQI) app15 to monitor outside air quality at their current location or use the navigation system to view the information at their destination via the Pivi Pro1 touchscreen.

For ultimate convenience, the cabin can be purged prior to a journey remotely using the smartphone app, so every trip begins with optimum interior air quality.

Attention to detail

Vision at night is assisted by optional Matrix LED Headlights (Standard on HSE), which adjust the main beam to optimise illumination of the road ahead. They also help to reduce dazzle for oncoming drivers. 

For active explorers, the Activity Key16 provides convenient access to the vehicle. As a wearable watch/wristband, it allows you to leave the key in the vehicle and enjoy family adventures without the worry of losing it.

The vehicle’s USB ports have been upgraded for an improved user experience. There are now two USB-C ports for the front row occupants in addition to the Wireless Device Charger, while the second row of seats now has two USB-C ports as standard. Those in the third row also benefit from USB-C charging. All USB-C ports are higher Wattage units than before, meaning faster device charge times.