OMODA unveils the C5 GT: Redefining Excellence with Power and Personalisation

 The long-anticipated moment arrived today as OMODA officially launched the C5 GT in Cape Town. Local media and guests were not just treated to a visual showcase, but also to a full driving experience of this urban crossover SUV, seamlessly blending power, style, and cutting-edge technology.

This reveal follows its initial debut at the 2023 "Mr. South Africa" finals, where the limited edition OMODA C5 GT, serving as the exclusive official vehicle partner, not only provided professional high-end transportation for the competition but also stole the spotlight with its unique aesthetics and advanced intelligent technology. The vehicle's performance and style were nothing short of extraordinary, keeping pace with the stylish contestants and earning praise from guests, participants, and organisers alike.

Since its inception, OMODA has remained committed to pushing the boundaries of technology within avant-garde design while delivering exceptional travel experiences. The OMODA C5 GT lives up to this legacy:

Enhanced Powertrain: The OMODA C5 GT boasts a Kunpeng 1.6T engine and a 7DCT transmission, equipped with advanced technologies like the iHEC intelligent combustion system, low-inertia turbo, and an electric actuator. These innovations address low-speed torque limitations, enhance intake energy, and achieve rapid, efficient combustion. With a maximum power output of 145 kW and peak torque of 290 N.m, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.8 seconds, providing drivers with a dynamic and comfortable powerful experience.

Customised Finishes: Shannon Gahagan, National Brand and Marketing Manager of OMODA SA, emphasises the importance of individuality, stating, "The GT offers up to eight different exterior customizations, enabling owners to personalise their vehicle to match their unique style. The model features a gold logo and rear gold GT badge, with optional 18-inch high-gloss black and gold sports rims."  

The OMODA C5 GT showcases a sportier appearance with a lower front bumper, a split front headlight design, T-shaped daytime running lights, and urban flowing matrix LED taillights. Front and rear spoilers, side skirts, and an aerodynamic rear wing enhance its already award-winning design. The standard piano black interior complements the bespoke exterior, delivering elegance and style.

The vehicle's 12V start-stop function and independent rear suspension enhance fuel efficiency during short stops and increase wheel traction for improved comfort. Additionally, it features a convenient 50 W fast wireless charging pad for efficient,  hassle-free device charging.

Launch Price and Demand: "We have seen unprecedented demand for the OMODA C5 GT - it truly has been nothing short of remarkable," continues Gahagan. This overwhelming response underscores the vehicle's exceptional allure and appeal.

"South Africa holds a pivotal position within OMODA's strategic markets. With the introduction of this new model, OMODA is dedicated to delivering a heightened level of futuristic sophistication, and intelligent mobility solutions to our valued local customers. Looking ahead, OMODA remains committed to its forward-thinking approach and ongoing technological innovation. We aim to expand our automotive ecosystem, fostering deeper connections with global users, and providing thrilling driving experiences that define a new era of travel and lifestyle," concludes Gahagan.

The limited edition starts at R589,000.00, and interested customers can reach out to their nearest OMODA dealership for more information or or visit