Range Rover Velar: Confidence-inspiring technology enhances every drive

The Range Rover Velar now offers clients a suite of state-of-the-art technologies that make it more connected and advanced than ever before, while enabling a beautifully reductive design.

The next generation Pivi Pro9 infotainment system is at the heart of the Velar’s reductive interior, with a new 11.4-inch floating curved glass touchscreen providing the most intuitive experience to control all vehicle settings – including volume, climate and seat controls integrated digitally into the display1.

Advanced connectivity delivers effortless smartphone pairing – including Wireless Apple CarPlay™2. Wireless Android Auto® is also standard, while Wireless Device Charging ensures a seamless and cable-free connection.

State-of-the-art Pivi Pro

The Range Rover Velar is the first Range Rover to feature the next generation of Pivi Pro9 infotainment technology. It incorporates controls for all the vehicle functions within the new 11.4-inch curved glass central touchscreen, its clean design appearing as if it is floating1.

Ensuring enhanced functionality, controls for the climate, seating and audio volume are always visible at each side of the screen providing immediate access and control either by sliding a finger or simply tapping, with trademark Pivi Pro9 flexibility and intelligence provided by the familiar three-panel central layout. Approximately 80 percent of tasks can be performed within two taps of the home screen1.

At the beginning of every journey, drivers are presented with a useful Pre-Drive panel for fast and convenient control of commonly used features at the beginning of every journey, such as window demisters and the optional heated seats. Once on the move, the Pre-Drive panel disappears to reveal a three-panel home screen display that can be customised to suit individual preferences.

The new Pivi Pro9 system allows the driver to control everything using the intuitive central touchscreen, and positions climate controls higher up inside the vehicle, closer to the driver. It includes new sidebars featuring multi-functional sliding controls on either side of the display. These virtual buttons are always visible and provide immediate access to frequently used items, including individual temperature controls for front occupants, audio volume and Terrain Responseâ mode selection1.

To operate, the user simply needs to complete a light hold and drag action on the icon to control the sliders, while a tap on each icon opens a drawer of more detailed options and in-depth features1.

For added convenience, additional controls in the permanently visible switch panels positioned along the vertical edges of the display, include shortcuts for media and navigation, cameras and window demisters1.

Pivi Pro9 supports effortless smartphone connectivity with Wireless Apple CarPlay™2, seamlessly integrated into the curved glass display. Drivers can also connect using Wireless Android Autoâ, while Wireless Device Charging provides immediate fast charging without the need for wires. The seamlessly integrated and concealed design helps to prevent smartphones from being a distraction.

Passengers also benefit from fast charging options, with up to three USB-C sockets throughout the cabin.

Pivi Pro9 is always connected and, with Software Over The Air4 technology, clients are able to download the latest updates at their convenience. With 80 percent of the vehicle's total ECUs – spanning Pivi Pro9 infotainment, navigation mapping, and on-board diagnostics as well as chassis and powertrain systems – capable of wireless updates, the Range Rover Velar is able to receive the latest Software Over The Air4 with no need to visit a retailer.

Pivi Pro11 features twin embedded eSIM technology and cloud-based architecture, meaning it provides full access to a range of online apps integrated within the infotainment system, including Spotify, and they can all be accessed without the need for a smartphone connection.1

For simple navigation, what3words is also integrated within Pivi Pro9. The clever mapping technology divides the globe into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, each assigned a unique combination of three random words to provide a what3words address. Without needing mobile connectivity, Pivi Pro’s always-on technology9 enables drivers to navigate to an accurate and precise location by inputting just three words directly into the navigation system.

Thorough testing programme

The next-generation infotainment system was the subject of extensive testing and development, both digitally and physically with human testers, to reduce task and interaction time and deliver the most user-friendly technology experience possible. Drivers can also customise the way vehicle and journey information is presented using the 12.3-inch TFT Interactive Driver Display. The digital instrument panel complements Pivi Pro9 with a similar three-panel display, allowing customisation for everything from navigation instructions to vehicle journey data. Combined, Interactive Driver Display and Pivi Pro9 deliver a superior and simplified user experience, with clear displays and improved usability.

While driving, an intuitive, optional full-colour Head-up Display reduces distractions by projecting essential vehicle and journey information directly into the driver's eyeline, supporting the Interactive Driver Display and main Pivi Pro9 infotainment screen1.

Immersive sound

A range of powerful MeridianTM sound systems are available in the Range Rover Velar, including the MeridianTM 3D Surround Sound System, which delivers high-fidelity music playback using up to 17 speakers and 750W of amplifier power for an immersive sound experience on the Velar Autobiography.

For elevated refinement, the Velar’s Active Road Noise Cancellation6 system uses advanced sensor and speaker technology to mask external noise intrusion and provide a serene cabin. The optional technology works by accelerometers located in each wheel arch that detect vibrations that lead to road noise transmission. The advanced system then calculates an audio signal to replay over the MeridianTM speakers to reduce the decibel level inside the car.

Active Road Noise Cancellation technology6 ensures the Range Rover Velar offers the quietest cabin in its class for road noise*. It also aims to help reduce fatigue levels when driving, as exposure to low-frequency noise for extended periods of time can have this effect.

Cleaner air

Enhancing the travelling experience, Cabin Air Purification Plus is an advanced air filtration system that aims to provide cleaner interior air for superior wellbeing and alertness. Available as part of the Comfort Pack (or standard on Autobiography), the advanced system features PM2.5 Filtration and CO2 Management and monitors and controls CO2 levels inside.

The system is accessed by the Pivi Pro9 touchscreen, and allows drivers to purge the cabin air prior to a journey using the remote smartphone app. It can also be completed on the move while displaying the level of CO2 both inside and outside the vehicle1.

Cabin Air Ionisation technology is also part of Cabin Air Purification Plus, ionising particles in the air to help cleanse the environment of harmful allergens, viruses, airborne bacteria and associated odours5. Occupants can engage this feature from the Air Quality page of the infotainment system, or it is automatically enabled when the driver initiates the Purify function.

Enhanced vision

At night, the Range Rover Velar optimises illumination with its advanced Pixel LED Headlights7 with Signature Daytime Running Lights (DRLs). Standard on Dynamic HSE and Autobiography, this headlight system features three times as many LEDs as Matrix LED headlights and includes Adaptive Driving Beam technology. Each headlight features four pixel modules with 67 precisely controlled LEDs in each one to accurately adapt to the conditions and the road ahead and provide the most effective forward beam.

Dynamic Bend Lighting7 uses speed and steering data to respond to the road and illuminate dark corners and verges, while the high beam range can focus light almost half a kilometre in front, for optimum visibility.

Able to cast shadows around four oncoming objects and avoid dazzling, Adaptive Driving Beam automatically adapts to vehicle speed, casting a wide beam at low speeds and a more intense, longer beam above 70km/h.

The Adaptive Front Lighting system automatically provides a different beam pattern based on the road conditions, with Country, City, Motorway and Wet/Adverse Weather modes adjusting the range, width and intensity of the beam patterns to suit the surroundings and conditions, while the Pixel LED7 system is also capable of traffic-sign dimming to reduce the reflective glare from road signs at night.

Added convenience

When manoeuvring, effortless convenience is provided by the advanced combination of 3D Surround Camera and Park Assist technology. The 3D Surround Camera system displays a 360-degree view around the Range Rover Velar for greater visibility. It is displayed on the crisp Pivi Pro9 screen and supported by the advanced Park Assist system that automatically parks the vehicle when it identifies an available parking space, including parallel and perpendicular bays.

Remote access

Smartphone users can also use the Remote App8 to check key information about their Velar, including its fuel level, location, journey history, to lock or unlock the vehicle and even initiate the climate control through the Park Heat function to heat or cool the cabin before a journey.

For plug-in electric hybrid models, owners can check the level of remaining electric range, the charge status, charging time and set the cabin temperature through Pre-Conditioning, which uses the mains power rather than vehicle battery power.


*When measured against direct competitors (Audi Q5, BMW X4, Mercedes GLC and Porsche Macan.

1In car features should be used by drivers only when safe to do so. Drivers must ensure they are in full control of the vehicle at all times.

2Apple CarPlay is a Trademark of Apple Inc. 

3Remote Skill subject to network connection, available in the UK and US only.

4Software Over The Air subject to network connection and market availability.

5Texcell research, 2020 carried out for and result supplied by Panasonic.

6Active Road Noise Cancellation available on models specified with a Panoramic Roof and fitted with Meridian Sound/Meridian 3D Surround or Meridian Signature Sound System.

7Standard on Dynamic HSE and Autobiography. Not available in North America and Canada.

8Compatible smartphones only

9 Pivi Pro features, options and their availability remain market dependent - check with your Retailer for local market availability and full terms. Certain features require an appropriate sim with a suitable data contract which will require further subscription after the initial term advised by your Retailer. Mobile connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations.