Polestar upgrade now also available for Volvo T8 derivatives in SA

Volvo Car South Africa is pleased to announce that a new Polestar Engineered Optimisation performance package – which has long been offered on various other Volvo nameplates – is now also available for all plug-in hybrid T8 derivatives in the local line-up.

“South Africa is the only market on the African continent currently offering this latest Polestar Engineered Optimisation package for the renowned plug-in hybrid T8 powertrains,” said Greg Maruszewski, Managing Director at Volvo Car South Africa.

Every XC60 and XC90 Recharge plug-in hybrid derivative using the T8 Twin Engine AWD powertrain is eligible for this latest optional software-based upgrade, which enhances various performance aspects of the powertrain. These plug-in hybrid models already boast lofty system outputs of 340 kW and 709 Nm, but they gain even sharper responses – and deliver an even more satisfying driving experience – with the addition of the latest Polestar package.

The Polestar-developed software unlocks extra power in the mid-range and also provides faster throttle response, more rapid gear shifts and better control during cornering, the latter thanks to the intelligent shift schedule. Furthermore, improved balance in the corners and better traction at take-off come courtesy of the bespoke all-wheel-drive calibration.

In addition to the performance enhancements, the package includes a subtle “Polestar Engineered” badge for the tailgate, while the drive-mode selection menu also gains a dedicated Polestar setting. As before, Polestar software upgrades are furthermore available for a wide range of existing Volvo models as well as several that are no longer in production. All vehicles eligible for these optimisations are listed here.

The software package – which can be installed at any Volvo dealership in under 60 minutes and is easily combined with the vehicle’s scheduled servicing – leaves the original warranty and service intervals unaffected and does not alter fuel consumption. As such, T8 versions of the XC60 Recharge plug-in hybrid still offer a generous 81 km of all-electric range, while the equivalent XC90 Recharge plug-in hybrid derivatives can deliver up to 77 km of zero-emissions driving (both figures based on WLTP data).

“To celebrate the launch of this exciting new upgrade, we’re offering the package at a discounted price of R12 650 (incl. VAT) until the end of the year,” says Maruszewski. “Furthermore, the customer has the option of a full refund should they change their mind within 14 days of the software package being installed.” 

Volvo’s plug-in hybrid models – which are currently the most powerful derivatives in the local range – already present the ideal solution to South African buyers keen to sample an electric vehicle while still having petrol power as a back-up plan. The extension of the Polestar Engineered Optimisation performance package to these electrified models makes them even more compelling.