BAC delivers first example of its new-generation Mono supercar

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has delivered the first example of its new Mono supercar to a customer in California, less than a month after its stunning global debut in Carmel at the legendary Monterey Car Week gathering.

The new Mono, a beautifully bespoke piece of craftsmanship, was presented to its owner – a true enthusiast who is part of California’s iconic car culture scene – at BAC’s Newport Beach showroom.

“We are delighted to hand over the first example of our new Mono Supercar,” said Neill Briggs, BAC co-founder and head of product development. “It’s fitting that this new Mono will call California its home following the global debut of our new-generation high-performance single-seater supercar at Monterey Car week last month. It was our first time in an official capacity at this esteemed event but from the very first day we – as a brand, as a team and as individuals – immediately connected with members of the Monterey Car Week community who, exactly like us, believe in the thrill, sport and passion of driving. I am immensely proud that the first example of the new Mono range will be basking in the Californian sunshine for a long time to come." 

Inspired by motorsport heritage

This first example of the new Mono supercar range exemplifies bespoke automotive artistry at its very finest, an unparalleled level of dedicated craftsmanship that BAC has become synonymous with.  

Working closely with the customer to envisage their initial creative ideation for the car, the BAC design team took on the challenge to craft a Mono that exquisitely pays homage to motorsport. A passionate motorsport fan, the owner of the first new Mono supercar wished for a BAC single-seater that identifies and connects with the apex of the motorsport world, paying homage to its rich past while maintaining a design that gazes into the future.

The result is an aesthetic that is compellingly emotional, delicately interweaving the identity of the new BAC supercar with that of iconic motorsport legacy.

Hand-painted to meticulous precision, a painstaking process that took the BAC team over a week to complete, the first new Mono gleams in the California sunshine, its Metallic Liquid Silver finish setting a tone for high-performance driving, be that on-road or on the track.

The Metallic Liquid Silver flows from the new Mono’s iconic shark-nose-front through to its aerodynamically optimised rear, where the BAC wing – finished in Aegean Sea – sits; the use of Robot White for the BAC logo within the wing forms brilliant aesthetic contrast. Aegean Sea is delicately used across the exterior of the new Mono to great effect, creating ripples to the Metallic Liquid Silver flow. At the rear, the Liquid Silver seamlessly fades to Gloss Black in an intricate graded geometric pattern which was painstakingly masked by hand during the intensive painting process overseen by BAC’s design team and bespoke specialists. The contrasting highlights gracefully interplay on such elements as the wing mirrors, diffuser edges and front floor lip, with the carbon barrels on BAC’s industry-leading carbon hybrid wheels being finished in bright Aegean Sea paintwork. At the nucleus of the shark-nose-front is the BAC badge in exposed carbon form.

Maintaining motorsport as the core inspirational starting point across the entire commission, the inside of the first new Mono supercar seamlessly connects with the exterior treatment, with the Metallic Liquid Silver flowing into the cockpit, where it is punctuated with the use of more Aegean Sea and a Brilliant Red 12 o’clock marker on the made-to-measure steering wheel, forming a unique, cohesive and dynamic motorsport-inspired visual identity. The commission also included a BAC Bespoke Helmet design, which was designed in tandem with the Mono to ensure visual harmony.

Much like the pinnacle of the motorsport world, the new Mono has been carefully adapted to ensure it’s a perfect fit for the driver. Informed by the brand’s ‘one-of-a-kind’ philosophy, the customer was invited to the home of BAC in Liverpool, UK, for a tailoring experience that would allow the BAC engineering team to develop a high-tech seat that optimally wraps itself around the driver’s unique body measurements and contours. The steering wheel underwent a similar optimisation design process to exacting customer-measurement details.

“There are many pillars that help make the BAC brand unique, delivering an ownership experience of the Mono supercar that is personal, revered and unlike anything else. The BAC pillars that tend to gain instant recognition include our uncompromising approach to delivering a driving experience that is pure, authentic, and unashamedly focused on the actions, reactions and desires of the person behind the wheel,” said Ian Briggs, co-founder and head of design, BAC.

“But perhaps a lesser known – yet equally important pillar – is what we offer each customer at the start of their Mono journey: the opportunity to create a supercar that is unique, a bespoke personal extension of the owner that forms a connection between art and machine. This – the first customer delivery of the new Mono supercar – perfectly demonstrates that there are no creative constraints nor technical limitations when it comes to our ‘one-of-a-kind’ philosophy.”

Mono – the new BAC supercar

The new Mono has been developed to be equally at home on the road as it is on track, be that accelerating onto a mountain pass, gliding across a coastal route, or hitting the apex on a challenging circuit.

At the heart of the new supercar is a naturally-aspirated 2.5-litre powertrain, which revs to a rousing 8,000rpm and develops 320PS (311hp) and 313Nm (231 ft/lbs) of torque. Given new Mono weighs just 570kg (1,257lbs); this translates to an incredible power-to-weight ratio of 546hp-per-tonne. The precisely optimal weight distribution of 41% front and 59% rear further adds to the car’s agile yet composed approach.

The combination of its lightweight structure – thanks in part to BAC’s world-leading graphene-infused carbon panels – and high-performance capabilities allows the Mono to sprint to 60mph in just 2.7 seconds.

Delivery of the very first example of the new Mono is another key milestone in BAC’s global elevation roadmap, which commenced at the start of the year. In just nine months, the company has established brand-new dealership partners in North America, Asia and the Middle East.

Production of the new Mono supercar from BAC continues at the company’s HQ facility in Liverpool, UK, where the company is working to fulfil its global order book for the new generation Mono.