OMODA's Showstopping Presence at Festival of Motoring Leaves Crowds Thrilled

OMODA, the new premium, modern vehicle brand,  made a resounding impact at this year's Festival of Motoring, leaving attendees excited and eagerly anticipating what's next from this innovative powerhouse.

As one of the most anticipated events in South Africa's automotive calendar, The Festival of Motoring, held over the past weekend at the iconic Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, provided the perfect platform for OMODA to showcase its exceptional lineup. Among the stars of the show was the remarkable OMODA C5, which not only graced the event but also gave attendees the chance to experience its prowess firsthand through thrilling test drives on the Kyalami circuit.

The OMODA stand boasted Track , self drive and also  an immersive augmented reality (VR) racing experience, where attendees could virtually pilot the OMODA C5 around the legendary Kyalami track. This interactive encounter offered a tantalizing glimpse into the capabilities and excitement that the OMODA C5 delivers on road. The OMODA C5 range in South Africa offers three distinct versions: Tech Luxury Elegance with Styling pack on the Luxury and Elegance models, start from R 447 000 to R 507 900

Notably, OMODA had even more in store for enthusiasts. Visitors were treated to an exclusive preview of the upcoming OMODA C9 flagship with the latest cutting edge Technology and Premium  Finishes , poised for release later this year. The OMODA C9 will extend the brand's lineup, including a more potent 2.0 variant. The fervent interest and excitement around the OMODA C9 raises its status as a remarkable addition to the automotive landscape, eagerly anticipated for its launch later this year.

Adding to the excitement, the event also featured a tantalising preview of the JAECOO Brand , place as a Luxury &  off-road brand  Encased as "boxed" the JAECOO  Brand  previewed it first model, the  J7 provided a sneak peek of the elegance and innovation that  JAECOO Brand  is poised to introduce. The official launch of the JAECOO J7 is anticipated for  2024.

Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager at OMODA SA, shared, "Our presence at the Festival of Motoring embodies OMODA's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. The overwhelming response to both the OMODA C5 and C9, coupled with the eagerness surrounding our upcoming releases, fuels our determination to continually redefine automotive excellence."

As the Festival of Motoring drew to a close, OMODA left an incredible mark on attendees and enthusiasts alike. With an array of awe-inspiring vehicles and interactive experiences, OMODA proved that it's not just a brand; it's a driving force of innovation and excitement in the automotive world. 

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