Alfa Romeo asks the Alfisti fandom: What should it be called?

What will the name of the next Alfa Romeo Sport Urban Vehicle be? Have your say on the brand’s official social channels

Strengthened by the visceral bond with its community of fans, Alfa Romeo has once again used its official social media channels to call the Alfisti fandom to action, asking them what the Biscione brand’s next car should be called.

There’s nothing more to hide when it comes to the segment for the project known in-house among the Alfa Romeo team as “Kid”. “Kid” suggests that the next Alfa Romeo will be a Sport Urban Vehicle: “the little one” in the line-up, to complete a range that now consists of the Giulia sedan, the Stelvio SUV and the Tonale compact SUV.

Alfa Romeo intends to rewrite the rules for the segment, by assigning to “Kid” the role of “game changer”. In a rapidly evolving automotive landscape that offers a broad selection in the highly popular SUV segment, the brand's new range redefines its ambitions, even in its acronym: Sporty DNA, to become a big name in the Urban context.

While the Tonale stood for the brand’s “metamorphosis” as its debut in the world of electrification, Alfa Romeo's upcoming car is serving as its debut full-electric, but not only that.

It isn't time yet to share with fans and employees the features due to make it an authentic Alfa Romeo, positioned at the apex of the premium segment. The new Alfa Romeo model is due to debut in the first half of 2024, although it's already the talk of the town and expert automotive designers are coming up with various hypotheses on the web in relation to its style canons.

To get its community involved from the outset, the brand is asking them directly what they think the next Alfa Romeo should be called.

After the Giulia and how it marked the brand’s renaissance, Alfa Romeo selected the names of two mountain passes, the Stelvio and the Tonale. But not to worry, Alfa Romeo management have made it clear it will not be called “Brenner”, as has been widely vaunted online. Does this suggest a change of direction in the communication strategy? What will the name of the next Alfa Romeo Sport Urban Vehicle be? Have your say on the Brand’s official social channels.