How a Scorpion comes to life: The Making of the Abarth 500e

The elegant aggressiveness of the Scorpion and its bold yet soft shapes come to life in the design of the Abarth 500e, which was also inspired by the appearance of the stinging animal to highlight its power, lightness, and aerodynamic strength.

While studying the Abarth 500e design, the Centro Stile’s car designers have tried to weave the animal essence into the interiors and exteriors of the modern electrified Scorpion.

The scorpion’s claw is what you notice first on the Abarth 500e, as it’s present on not one but two parts of the creative process: the front bumper and the wheels. The former is 30 mm longer than normal with an aerodynamic side wing that offers great strength and structure.

The latter, both in the 17’’ and the 18’’ diamond cut version, reinforces the circularity of the element, and improves the car’s appearance from the side view.

Scorpion legs find their way in the aero dam’s design, which is not only functional as it allows the air to pass through, but also has a unique look. The aerodynamics are reinforced thanks to the front flap connected to the side skirt – an aerodynamic feature that improves performances. Inspired by the design language of the scorpion’s protective shell, it helps cover the wheels from the front and increases aero performance.

Aiming to express sportiness and improve aerodynamic penetration, designers reimagined the front of the car by making it lower and longer. One cannot help but immediately recognize the fluid and pure forms of the animal, which simultaneously exude seriousness, charm, and quality. Its extreme lightness also results from the removal of the upper DRL "eyebrow" on the hood, a decision taken by designers to create a sportier and more assertive decisive lighting expression, which leads to further weight reduction.

Moreover, on the front, the reinforced presence of the bold red line known as Omega Sign, highlights from above the placement of the new Abarth script, which has the smallest historical logo placed on top, on the border of the bonnet. On the rear, the triangular shape of the scorpion finds its way in the new interpretation of the aero extractor, which has been enhanced by the white color accent of the insert, making an original connection with the vertical fins.

“Take the beast by the claws” was the motto that fueled the designers' decision to revolutionize (as happened with the Ritmo Abarth) the driving design, bringing the scorpion's aggressiveness into the steering wheel. In an explicit reference to an old rally one, designers decided to add not 2 but 3 spokes to the wheel, enhancing the sporty character of the car and creating a perfect synthesis between the past and future.

The scorpion is also one of the undisputed protagonists of the interior’s design, which has been precision-engineered to maximize driving comfort. The dualism of the animal's body with its strong rigidity and comfortable fluidity is recreated in the seats. Contoured like a scorpion, the seats are installed as bold sections offering both maximum comfort and secure lateral containment. In addition, in order to fully capture the essence of the Brand, both heritage and innovation elements have been blended and transferred into the Scorpion signature logo design.

By changing its mission, a redesign of the Scorpion signature logo was necessary to communicate a transformation: from what Abarth has always represented to its new, all-electric nature. So, it’s not “just a signature”, but it represents the union of performance and innovation, fun and sustainability. On the outside, the Abarth stigma dominates the bonnet, as a truly nostalgic return to the brand's history. The electrified logo is also featured on the wheels, without the lightning bolt, and on the side with it. The interior is also shaken up by the new Scorpion: the logo is in fact visible on the headrest, steering wheel, seat covers and centrally framed on the glitched pedals which, with their edgy shapes, resemble the new language communicated by the redesign.

With the objective of permeating the entire car with a contrast between sportiness and premiumness, and also translating the brand-new Scorpion electric aspects, great attention was also paid to colors and trim. The glitch effect emphasizes the cutting-edge technology behind the vehicle, with the aim to reinterpret the stripes of Abarth and create a sense of excitement around the power and performance of the car.

The bold and energetic acid green color is associated with speed and performance, while the more sophisticated poison blue color creates a sense of elegance and modernity. On the exterior, they both let the owner’s personality explode, making heads turn as the car drives by. On the interior, power and premiumness merge thanks to a dark and warm choice of colors, which also adds a sleek and futuristic touch.

The outcome of this long creative process was the creation of the eye-catching design of the New Abarth 500e, which embodies the power, lightness, and aerodynamic strength of a scorpion. A complex work carried out by the Centro Stile’s car designers, meticulously developed to combine the essence of the real animal with the modern electrified one and creating a unique product.