Subaru Southern Africa introduces the all-new Crosstrek

Subaru Southern Africa introduces a new chapter in the Compact Crossover space here in South Africa. The all-new Subaru Crosstrek is now available in South Africa offering next-generation vehicle safety, refinement, comfort, and capability. 

The all-new Crosstrek replaces the previous generation Subaru XV presented as the compact SUV within the Subaru SUV range next to the Forester and Outback. Where the XV and Crosstrek names were used separately in different markets around the world, the Crosstrek name has now been adopted worldwide, including here in South Africa. The name is coined from the words Crossover and Trekking, an impression into the car’s versatility and capability in a variety of terrains and environments. 

The Subaru XV/Crosstrek made its worldwide debut 12 years ago making a bold step into the compact SUV segment, outperforming competitors with its leading ground-clearance and off-road competence as well as standout design. The XV/Crosstrek has quickly become one of Subaru Southern Africa’s most popular vehicles next to the Forester. Now in its 3rd-generation, the new Crosstrek takes a bold step forward. Nteo Nkoli, Marketing Manager of Subaru Southern Africa says, “the new Subaru Crosstrek takes occupant safety and comfort to a whole new level. The attention to detail in refining and improving the formula is very impressive.”  

A Ground-Up Advancement

The new Subaru Crosstrek is built on a revised Subaru Global Platform. Torsional rigidity has been improved by 10%. From here, the suspension has been re-engineered to be more stable and more durable with the engine mounts now being liquid-filled for greater balance and refinement. A new dual-pinion electric power steering adds to overall driver feel and vehicle dynamism. 

Bold Design

The Subaru Crosstrek’s evolutionary design presents the ethos of the Crosstrek: a bold and non-conformist form evoking a sense of playfulness and adventure. The new hexagonal 3D grille, flanked by sharper headlight clusters and bulging wheel arches showcases the unmistakable versatility of the vehicle, yet also conveys a sense of lightness. Compared to the outgoing model, the Crosstrek features larger wheel arch cladding and rocker panels all around the vehicle. From the rear, the contours of the C-shaped tail light clusters are more pronounced. 

The Subaru Crosstrek is presented in 9 exterior colours: Crystal White Pearl; Ice Silver Metallic; Magnetite Grey Metallic; Crystal Black Silica; Oasis Blue; Offshore Blue Metallic; Sapphire Blue Pearl; Sun Blaze Pearl and Pure Red.  A choice of 17-inch and 18-inch diamond-cut, duo-tone black/silver alloy wheels are available and these too, add to the contrasting power of the body colour/cladding combination. 

Comprehensive Improvements of in-car Refinement and Technology

The Subaru Crosstrek has always favoured a feature-rich cabin experience but the new vehicle makes a significant step forward where in-car refinement and human-centered design thinking is concerned. As a start, the Crosstrek carries forward Subaru’s latest interior design and operation architecture previously seen on the new Subaru Outback and Subaru WRX models in South Africa. Crosstrek features the latest driver’s multi-function display and steering wheel as well as a new 11.6-inch central display. The flagship Crosstrek iS features the portrait layout larger HD display with the latest SUBARU infotainment architecture. This touchscreen system integrates a number of on-board functions including a myriad smartphone connectivity and integration. New on the Crosstrek compared to the outgoing model is Wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration as well as Bluetooth® connectivity for audio and phone call operation and a wireless phone charging pad. The infotainment system also operates the vehicle settings such as EyeSight Driver Assistance features and X-Mode settings to name a few. 

The iS is fitted with Subaru leather seats with 8-way adjustable power operation, and the base iL is fitted with fabric seats. These new seats have been designed with a human-centric focus, prioritising occupant comfort and well-being with back, headrest and hip contours for the best support of the lower back. In addition to this, the new seat design reduces human body movement within the cabin reducing fatigue and improving the overall experience of comfort and refinement. 

The Crosstrek range features a host of comfort features. Remote Keyless Access is standard across the range. The dual zone climate control is also standard across the range now with improved focus on the occupied seats instead of the whole cabin. Added features include a new tyre pressure monitoring system and steering responsive LED headlights with Auto High Beam function. 

Overall utility in the cabin has been improved through small revisions to the packaging and storage areas within the cabin. Variable use cupholders and the coin holder below the gear shift lever have been reworked. At the rear, split-folding 60:40 rear seats increase overall cabin size if needed and the wide-opening rear doors and boot lid make entry and egress much safer and easier. Nifty touches in the boot area include a new Subaru-badged luggage pad, a new diamond-pattern trim finish and the introduction of a mountain-themed anti-slip surface at the entrance to the cargo area. It’s indicative of the adventurous and versatile lifestyle for which the Subaru Crosstrek has been developed. 

Innovative Driver Monitoring System

What has become a popular feature in the new Outback and WRX models in SA, the innovative Driver Monitoring System is also included in the all-new Crosstrek. The Driver Monitoring System uses an infra-red LED and a camera to assist drivers in 2 ways. The first is to keep an eye on the driver for fatigue, drowsiness or a lack of focus. When it detects signs of sleepiness or a lack of attention, the system will audibly and visually warn the driver to refocus or take a break. The second function is one of utmost convenience for drivers and that is to use facial recognition software to store and configure up to 5 individual driver profiles such that driver preferences can be selected and set up every time a driver steps into the seat. These include climate control preferences.  

Performance and Adventure

The new Crosstrek has been conceptualised around the lifestyle for which it has become so popular prioritising capability but not at the expense of comfort or performance. As with all the Subaru models sold in South Africa, the famous Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system is a standard feature across the Crosstrek range. This always-on all-wheel drive system has been further improved with faster response times that enhance the vehicle’s agility and control in a number of different driving environments and surfaces. 

Powering the new Crosstrek is a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled BOXER® engine that produces 115 kW at 6,000rpm of power and 196 Nm of torque at 4,000rpm. This engine is coupled to a quieter, more efficient Lineartronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) that also includes paddle shifters for manual mode operation through eight pre-set ratios. The gear ratios within the transmission have been expanded for improved acceleration and the oil pump and oil pressure system has also been optimised for better fuel economy. 

Active Torque Vectoring and the SI-Drive driving mode management system is standard fare on the new Crosstrek now optimised for improved driver feel. This is also achieved by adopting the dual-pinion steering system from the Subaru WRX that gives a more direct steering feel and overall greater dynamic responsiveness.

Aerodynamic improvements have also been made to the new Crosstrek to improve the overall stability of the compact SUV. Air outlets behind the front wheel reduce lift on the front tires complemented by air outlets on the rear bumper, reducing body roll. The result of these improvements to aero contribute to a Crosstrek that is more stable, more efficient through the air and more dynamic than ever before. 

Off-road, the Crosstrek retains its stellar capability. Subaru’s Driver-selectable X-MODE off-road management system is available on both Crosstrek variants. The system settings are selectable from the new infotainment screen and it assists with the off-road performance of the vehicle. Pre-configured modes for SNOW/DIRT; DEEP SNOW and MUD assist when surfaces are slippery or particularly steep, managing the amount of torque, braking and wheel spin at each wheel. Also part of the X-Mode suite is Hill Assist for easy take-offs on inclines and Hill Descent Control which maximises traction when descending slippery or steep gradients.

Whilst road-holding and performance has been optimised, the new Crosstrek has also taken significant steps in improving overall comfort. Cabin refinement and improvements to NVH levels demonstrate the innovative and considered approach in engineering this Crosstrek to class-leading levels.  The human-centric approach to the seat design is one of the results of this approach. The next is cabin refinement. Subaru engineers focused their efforts on reducing cabin sounds within specific frequency ranges enhancing the overall cabin experience. 

5-star Safety like never before

Subaru’s vision for safety is to reduce the number of fatal accidents in their vehicles or from their vehicles to zero, that includes cyclists and pedestrians. From this bold vision, the Crosstrek’s has improved Primary, Active and Passive safety technology. Primary safety has considered the outward visibility for the driver and the design of the A-pillar and D-pillar has improved visibility especially when cornering. Subaru’s all-wheel drive system remains an integral part of the Active Safety systems on the Crosstrek, further improved to react faster so that the driver maintains more control to avoid an accident. When it comes to passive safety, the Subaru Global Platform plays an integral role in reducing occupant or pedestrian damage in the event of a collision. Additional sub-frames have been added to the front, side and rear of the platform for better protection. 9 airbags are included in the Crosstrek, including driver’s knee and passenger seat cushion airbags as well as an airbag that deploys between the front seats to reduce the severity of collisions between the front seat occupants. 

EyeSight® Driver Assistance and Safety Technology

The new Subaru Crosstrek is fitted with the latest and fastest version of the award-winning EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology. This technology is offered on both variants in the range. EyeSight® operates like another set of eyes on the road, highlighted by a stereo camera setup with a forward wide view ahead of the vehicle. The system features Pre-Collision Braking for emergencies; Lane Departure Prevention, Lane Centering and Emergency Lane Keep Assist;   Adaptive Cruise Control with traffic crawling ability, traffic sign recognition and intelligent speed limiter.  

It is the most advanced and comprehensive EyeSight® system ever, made possible by a number of added functions, faster control software and a wider field of view from the cameras.  The system operates under a greater range of conditions now and in addition to the camera and software, Subaru has added an electric brake booster to work with the Pre-Collision braking system. The system can identify vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians sooner and therefore, alert the driver and apply the brakes sooner to avoid collisions or reduce the severity of the impact. 

Vehicles equipped with EyeSight® also feature Blind-Spot Detection with Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert as well as Reverse Automatic Braking function. This Blind-Spot Detection feature now works with the EyeSight® system to assist with steering control to help avoid a collision within a lane when speed is under 80kph. 

Another safety feature, new to the Crosstrek is the Standard Rear Seat Reminder that assists in preventing child and/or pet entrapment by alerting the driver to check the rear seat before exiting the vehicle. 

Impressing the significant improvements on the new Crosstrek, Nteo Nkoli says, “the level of engineering found within the new Crosstrek is simply astounding especially for what is the entry point into Subaru ownership.” 

At launch, the Subaru Crosstrek will be offered in Southern Africa in 2 variants: The mid-spec Crosstrek iL and the flagship trim Crosstrek iS. 

Pricing at launch is R579 000 and R669 000 respectively.