What Light Vehicles Mean for Car Dealers

Twenty companies from England visit ElectricBrands in Germany

The car industry in Europe is changing since the transition to electric cars has not been without consequence for many companies. They often need to realign themselves to meet the requirements of their customers. That’s why they are increasingly looking at the light electric vehicles category, which has a continuous rated power of 15kW and an unladen mass of no more than 450 kg. ElectricBrands on its dealer network: The German car manufacturer sells electric vehicles in the light vehicle category L7e in the UK and beyond.

A group of 20 car dealers from the UK visited the German manufacturer ElectricBrands to take a closer look at its product range. The e-mobility company manufactures the XBUS and the Evetta. The XBUS is a modular universal vehicle with a top speed of 100 km/h, and the electric bubble car Evetta can travel up to 90 km/h: these are concepts that meet the criteria set out by legislators for the light vehicle category L7e. It refers to light vehicles, irrespective of their propulsion system, which generally have to fulfil two requirements: an unladen mass without batteries of no more than 450 kg - 600 kg for freight transport and a continuous rated power of up to 15 kW.

The dealers from the United Kingdom were particularly interested in new opportunities for their customers. With the XBUS, ElectricBrands has managed to develop a vehicle for the widest range of needs. Berend Jan Hoekman, Sales Director at ElectricBrands, explains: ‘Urban e-mobility is an extremely complex subject today. We’re convinced that the XBUS can meet all responsible mobility needs. We’re delighted to have Lookers Group as our first major business partnership in the British market, and are confident of the growth potential of ElectricBrands in the UK.’

Development of the dealer network is the priority.

One particular advantage for dealers is the freedom that Electric Brands gives its commercial partners in the marketing of the XBUS. Hoekman says: ‘All of our sales partners have both a brand dealership and an additional focus. They know the local market better than anyone else.’ With the XBUS in the mobility portfolio, Hoekman says that dealers are able to serve all customers in the best possible way. ‘Our commercial partners immediately recognised the opportunities ElectricBrands offers with the XBUS and were delighted to join the network’, said Hoekman. Following the conclusion of the export contract for the Benelux countries, intensive work was already underway for the development of a sales network in the Netherlands: With 19 representatives in 27 sales outlets, the XBUS is easily accessible to everyone in the Netherlands.

The network will now be further expanded and have a greater focus on the English market.