All-new Megane E-TECH Electric: delving into the heart of innovation

Episode 7 – An innovation to constantly stay at the forefront of in-car technology

Renault has constantly sought to innovate for almost 125 years. Its inventions have stood the test of time and we use them every day, sometimes without even realising it. Take, for example, the direct drive gearbox (1899), the replacement of the hand crank with an electric starter (1909), the “fifth door” (1961), the central opening system (1983) and the hands-free key card (2000); all these and more are Renault inventions! And Renault is still innovating with the first vehicle in its “Nouvelle Vague”, the All-new Megane E-TECH Electric. Over 300 patents were filed during the design of the car and its platform; we selected seven of these innovations to show you in finer detail. In this seventh and final episode of our series, find out how the All-new Megane E-TECH Electric will always leverage cutting-edge technology, including new equipment added after sale.

With the programmable configuration shelter, a patented innovation, we wanted to give our customers the benefit of being able to automatically update everything while retaining any customisations they had already chosen through the after-sale network.”

Patrick BenavoliMultimedia Software Architect at Renault Software Factory

The advantages of innovation

Programmable configuration shelter for manufacturer updates via FOTA technology

  • Enabling the after-sale connected equipment market
  • Leveraging tools and infrastructure already deployed in the after-sale network

Selective updates

No longer will updates erase information related to any customisation chosen after sale.

Through the programmable configuration shelter, the size of new rims or the installation of an alarm are saved in the operating system, making life easier for the vehicle owner.

For more information

Patent reference: 

  • Programmable configuration shelter:

Patent FR-20-03114 – Invented by: Patrick Benavoli, Pascal Ménier and Marie-Cécile Afanténos

Patrick Benavoli 

Pascal Ménier

Marie-Cécile Afanténos

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