2022 Paris Motor Show: because we love motor shows
  • Renault loves to be at the 89th Paris Motor Show to shine a spotlight on its concept cars, show cars and new production models encapsulating the brand’s nouvelle vague, which kicked off a few months ago.
  • The brand is unveiling three cars for the first time worldwide at its stand (in Hall 6): 4EVER Trophy, R5 TURBO 3E and All-new Kangoo E-Tech Electric.
  • All-new Austral, Renault’s latest C segment SUV, will be presented to the public for the first time.
  • Renault is also featuring its Reno avatar, Hippie Caviar Motel, Scenic Vision, R5 Protype and Megane E-Tech Electric.

At Renault, we love automotive, we love cars! That is why we are at the Paris Motor Show. I believe that through innovation, today we have the opportunity to reinvent this love of the car and the modernity of the automobile.

This is what we do when we revive birth to a myth. And the Renault 4 is a myth. It is one of the most emblematic cars in the history of the brand. 4EVER Trophy is a modern reinterpretation of that model, tracing a continuity between the memories of millions and the electric era.

Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault

4EVER Trophy, an icon rebooted as a B segment SUV

Thirty years after its production was discontinued, Renault is unveiling an up-to-the-minute electric take on its iconic Renault 4 at the Paris Motor Show: 4EVER Trophy. This show car is a lightweight adventurer – and celebrating the 4L Trophy humanitarian rally’s 25th anniversary.  It heralds a future all-electric B segment SUV that will reach markets in 2025, and be made in France, at the Maubeuge plant.

Everything you want to know about 4EVER Trophy is HERE.

R5 TURBO 3E, born to drift

R5 TURBO 3E is a spectacular all-electric show car designed for drifting. It pays tribute, as part of the Renault 5’s 50th anniversary celebrations, to the model’s most storied sports models: the Renault 5 TURBO and TURBO 2. This reboot is deliberately exuberant, its performance is at the top of its class, it is all about fun and gaming, and NFTs usher it into the digital realm.

Everything you want to know about R5 TURBO 3E is HERE.

Reconquering the C segment is one of the core pillars in the Renault brand’s strategy.
The concept cars, show cars and new production models at the stand encapsulate this aim and show that the brand is more focused than ever on innovation, while remaining true to its DNA and leveraging its expertise in electric vehicles.

Kangoo E-Tech Electric

25 years after inventing the ludospace (leisure activity vehicle) segment with its singular, practical design – featuring a sliding side door for the first time ever –, Renault Kangoo is still ahead of the curve and true to its pioneering DNA.

Kangoo is also a unique success story: Renault has sold 4 million of them in 50 countries around the planet.  And it’s the best of both worlds: an elegant and roomy car for families, and a vehicle with a generously-sized boot and sturdy build for professionals.

After non-stop upgrading and trailblazing over the years, Renault Kangoo is now available in an E-Tech Electric version for the first time in its history.

Everything you want to know about All-new Kangoo E-Tech Electric is HERE.

All-new Austral, the high-tech SUV, unveiled in public for the first time

All-new Austral is the next milestone the C segment offensive that Renault started rolling out with Arkana and Megane E-Tech Electric. Its athletic exterior is steeped in SUV hallmarks. And All-new Austral also comes in an Esprit Alpine version for a sportier look.

It is high-tech and sleek inside. The crowning jewel of the generous and welcoming interior is the OpenR screen, which displays both the instrument panel and the navigation and multimedia systems while incorporating the best Google services and applications. All-new Austral is the pinnacle of modernity with 32 driver assistance systems (ADASs), Multi-Sense settings and 4Control Advanced, Renault’s third-generation four-wheel steering system. All these useful, proactive and intelligent technological features are there to improve passenger comfort, pleasure and safety.

The first Renault vehicle to be designed on the 3rd generation CMF-CD platform that was co-developed within the Alliance, All-New Austral features the latest more powerful and more efficient version of the Full Hybrid E-Tech system, and two petrol 48V or 12V Mild Hybrid engines. The range includes a selection of electrified motors so private owners and fleets have something to cover their specific use.

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Official avatar RENO : Renault parteners with Cerence

Renault and Cerence work together to create the next gen, humanized digital copilot, for an easier and enhanced electric vehicle experience.

Cerence and Renault have teamed to significantly enhance the in-car experience through a human like way of interacting with the vehicle, that proactively guides the customer through technological, EV cars: teaching, explaining, simplifying features.

A few examples:

  • Introducing the new vehicle functionalities (guided tour and initial set-up)
  • Make the most of using the various EV charging possibilities
  • Suggest useful, intelligent functions like adjusting the temperature, or the right driving mode at the right time

The new humanized copilot is powered by Cerence assistant and will be showcased on the OpenR Link intelligent, connected system, starting with next generation of Renault vehicles.

A preview of the full multichannel experience will be seen on the Renault booth, during the Paris Motor Show from 17th to 23th October 2022.

Kate Hickman, Cerence | Tel: 339-215-4583 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scenic Vision

Renault unveiled its Scenic Vision concept car at the ChangeNOW summit in Paris last May as a step on Renault Group’s journey to carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040 and worldwide by 2050. Scenic Vision embodies Renault’s commitment to sustainable development and reflects the brand’s plan to decarbonise its entire life cycle. It is the first to feature a new pearl-white paint, which is dried with ultraviolet lamps instead of much more energy-intensive infrared heaters, lowering power consumption by 75% during production. 

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Kangoo Hippie Caviar Motel, the electric show car built for fun

Renault is unveiling act 2 of its product strategy for leisure vehicles – Kangoo Hippie Caviar Motel – at the Paris Motor Show. This converted van built around All-new Kangoo L2 E-Tech Electric is a mobile, versatile and lively shelter for adventurers and sports aficionados longing for wide open spaces and thrills.

Everything you want to know about Kangoo Hippie Caviar Motel is HERE.

R5 Prototype: the past meets the electric future

A brand’s soul springs from its roots. Renault 5 Prototype will be Renault’s way of democratising electric vehicles in Europe with an avant-garde version of its popular, essential and spruce ancestor.  Renault 5 prototype is a cute, pin-sized city car propelling one of Renault’s timeless hits into the future with a modern, 100% electric twist.

Everything you want to know about R5 Prototype is HERE.

Megane E-Tech Electric, new-generation electric

All-new Megane E-Tech Electric is the first model in Renault’s “generation 2.0” of electric vehicles, and a new chapter in the electric vehicle revolution that started over a decade ago. It is connected, integrated into the EV ecosystem as well as users’ digital ecosystems, and Renault’s first step to reconquer the C segment.

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Access the Renault event platform at the Mondial de l'Auto: https://events.renault.com/en/