All-new Nissan X-Trail: electrified family adventures
  • Muscular and modern design with advanced technology
  • Effortless EV-drive feeling with e-POWER
  • Confidence and control from innovative twin-motor e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system
  • Only seven-seat electrified SUV in its segment
  • 20 years of powering family adventures

The next instalment of Nissan’s electrified product offensive is arriving soon in the form of the all-new, fourth generation X-Trail. Since the introduction of X-Trail in 2001, more than seven million units have been sold globally, making it one of the world’s most popular family adventure vehicles.

For this new iteration, Nissan has drawn on the well-established DNA that runs through all three of the previous generations of X-Trail: robust, SUV styling with intuitive technology, flexible utility and an advanced powertrain with all-wheel drive capabilities. The new X-Trail will be available in both five- and seven seater configurations, offering a convenient option for days out with extended family or friends.

Thanks to the new Alliance CMF-C platform, which showcases advanced engineering, innovation and advanced technology, the new X-Trail will again raise the bar in the crossover segment. Customers with a taste for adventure will savour the enhanced dynamic performance and advanced electrification technologies that the new generation of X-Trail offers.

“Replacing an icon like the X-Trail is a huge responsibility. It has established itself as a vehicle for families to share adventures in, so we know what our customers appreciate. For the fourth generation X-Trail, we will give them the capacity for adventure, with an advanced electrified all-wheel drive powertrain, combined with intuitive and convenient technology,” said Francois Bailly, Senior Vice President, Chief Planning Officer, for Nissan’s AMIEO Region.

Modern, muscular styling that creates a robust yet modern look

Central to X-Trail’s appeal over the previous three generations has been its distinctive styling which projects a reassuring sense of solidity and robustness, without being aggressive.

Both the exterior and interior of the new X-Trail reflect the spirit of the vehicle – versatile and adventurous. The exterior is highlighted by signature Nissan design elements such as the floating roof and V-motion grille. The frontal aspect is framed by striking headlights that appear moulded within the bodywork of the front bumper, with combined daytime running lights and indicators nestled along the shut-line of the hood.

From the side, muscular wheel arches at the front and rear give the X-Trail presence on the road, while at the base of the doors, an inset feature brings a sense of fluidity to the sheer surfaces of the doors. 

The shape of the C-pillar is reminiscent of a dolphin fin, bringing tension to the rear where the wrap-around lights complete the rear three-quarter aspect.

From behind, a taught horizontal line sits just above and below where the number plate is mounted, while split rear lights ensure a wide aperture for the trunk. A silver panel curves under the rear bumper, reflecting X-Trail’s adventurous character.

Key aerodynamic features include "3D" tyre deflectors in the lower front fascia, an active grille shutter to control air flow into the engine compartment, special A-pillar shaping, underbody covers to manage air flow under the vehicle and a unique "air curtain" that precisely directs air flow from the front to the sides of the X-Trail.

Customers appreciate the personal touches, so the new X-Trail will be available in 10 body colours with five two-tone combinations, creating 15 variations to choose from.

e-POWER drivetrain

The new X-Trail will be the second model in Nissan’s European range to be equipped with the brand’s innovative e‑POWER drive system. Exclusive to Nissan, the e-POWER system is a unique approach to electrification, offering the EV-drive feeling without the need to recharge.

First introduced in Japan on the Note in 2017, it went on to become the best-selling car, with customers loving its combination of smooth, effortless performance and cable-free ownership.

The new X-Trail’s e-POWER system is comprised of a high-output battery and powertrain integrated with a variable compression ratio petrol engine, power generator, inverter and 150kW front electric motor. This unique powertrain means that power to the wheels comes only from an electric motor, which results in instant, linear response to the accelerator.

To meet the typical demands of European consumers and their daily drive, the e-POWER installation has been significantly upgraded for the new X-Trail. The application in the Japanese Note featured a 1.2 petrol engine charging the battery unit, with a final power output of 106hp. For Europe it has been upgraded to a 1.5-litre Variable Compression Ratio turbo petrol engine, with a final system power output of 150kW (204PS).

The unique element of e-POWER is that the petrol engine is used solely to generate electricity, whilst the wheels are completely driven by the electric motor. This means the engine can always run within its optimal range, leading to superior fuel efficiency in urban settings.

Thanks to the pure electric motor drive, there’s no delay as with an internal combustion engine or traditional hybrid. The instant response delivers exhilarating high torque feel and agile acceleration to make overtaking or merging onto a highway easier and more confidence-inspiring.

Integral to the design of the e-POWER installation is the “linear tune”, which governs the operation of the petrol engine, ensuring that it’s spinning at an appropriate speed relative to road speed, avoiding the “rev-up” effect of traditional hybrids under hard acceleration. A secondary benefit is the refinement it brings, ensuring the engine is running only at the speed it needs to, which is typically low in urban and suburban conditions.  

In addition to these benefits, the e-POWER drive system guarantees a quiet drive, for example at 40 km/h the sound in the car reduces by 8db compared with competitors.


A new all-wheel drive system designed to work exclusively with Nissan’s electrified powertrains is introduced on the all-new X-Trail in Europe. e-4ORCE will deliver reassuring traction and confident acceleration in all conditions thanks to Nissan's most advanced all-wheel control technology. The "e" in e-4ORCE represents that the system was developed to work solely with Nissan's electrified powertrains. Indeed, it will also be offered on Nissan’s 100% electric Ariya.

The powerful dual e-motor system has a total output of 157kW (213PS) thanks to the rear 94kW motor which allows for keen acceleration, with 0-100km/h in 7 seconds. It has a 10,000 times faster rear torque response than a mechanical 4WD system. In addition, the constant torque redistribution, including torque vectoring side to side, and near perfect weight balance contribute to reassuring handling and ride comfort, enabling a powerful yet smooth, driving experience.

With power distributed almost instantly according the prevailing conditions, the driver and passengers will be unaware of the system working to maximise traction and control. Indeed, the system will be working even in apparently benign conditions.

With e-4ORCE, the driver can accelerate with confidence knowing the appropriate power is distributed virtually instantly to the wheels according to available grip.

By specifically managing power output and braking performance for each wheel, e-4ORCE sends power to the outer wheels in a turn, ensuring agility and stability, which results in the vehicle tracing the intended driving line. This advanced traction management is constantly active, giving stability and traction in all driving scenarios, such as damp, muddy, oily, icy and snowy roads.

Engineers fine-tuned the precision control technology and twin electric motors of e-4ORCE to provide unparalleled ride comfort. Vehicle pitch and dive are reduced by adding regenerative braking via the rear motor.

In addition to optimising front and rear torque allocation, the system applies independent brake control at each of the four wheels to maximise the cornering force generated by each one. This delivers cornering that faithfully follows driver intentions with minimal steering adjustments.

“The X-Trail with e-POWER and e-4ORCE will occupy a unique corner of the segment, being the only 7-seater family crossover with an electrified powertrain. The X-Trail is precisely the type of vehicle modern adventurous families are looking for,” said Cliodnha Lyons, Region Vice President, Product Planning, Nissan AMIEO Region.

e-Pedal Step

Given that 70% of drive time is likely to be spent in suburban areas, Nissan developed an entirely new ‘one pedal’ driving experience called e-Pedal Step. Designed to take the repetitive strain out of stop-start urban driving, where the driver is frequently moving their foot between the accelerator and brake, e-Pedal Step allows drivers to accelerate and brake using only the accelerator.

The system must first be activated by the switch on the centre console and once engaged, the accelerator will deliver acceleration as usual. Upon release of the accelerator, e-Pedal Step will brake the X-Trail at 0.2g, enough to illuminate the brake lights, and reduce the speed down to a “creeping” speed, not a complete stop. This ensures low-speed parking manoeuvres are as smooth as possible. Drivers will quickly adapt their accelerator pedal inputs to maintain smooth progress, ensuring urban driving is more intuitive and less demanding.

Mild hybrid ICE version

While the e-POWER equipped version of the X-Trail will make up the large majority of the demand for the vehicle, it will also be offered with the turbocharged 1.5-litre variable compression ratio powering the wheels in the traditional fashion. Generating 120kW (163PS) and 300Nm of torque, it will be offered only in two-wheel drive configuration, with power to the wheels being transmitted via Xtronic stepped continuously variable transmission. In driving scenarios with relaxed driving and light acceleration, the engine switches to high compression ratio for optimised fuel efficiency, while in situations where more performance is needed, the compression ratio is adjusted to a low level.

The powertrain is also equipped with 12v mild hybrid technology. The system provides torque assist, extended idle stop, quick restart and coasting stop, with benefits to both fuel economy and CO2 output.

When decelerating, energy is recovered through regeneration and stored in the Lithium-ion battery. This charged energy is then used to run the car’s systems while the engine is stopped, while waiting at a red light for example. Additionally, a torque boost of around 6Nm can generated under acceleration. 

Premium interior ambience

The cabin of the all-new Nissan X-Trail sets a new segment standard for elevated ambience, distinctive design and enhanced usability.

Advanced Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies are at the driver’s fingertips, with comfort and quality in every touch. New premium materials, smart features and considered detailing enhance a cabin that delivers cutting-edge design and practicality in every dimension.

Extensive attention has been paid to the ergonomic and tactile quality of the switch gear and buttons to give them a high quality feel. Customer research has clearly shown customers’ preference for easy-to-use core functions, so the X-Trail has simple, intuitive heating/air-conditioning controls, as well as buttons that govern the central screen functions, such as audio and navigation.

The top level of the floating centre console layout features the e-shifter, the drive mode selector and twin cup holders, as well as the 15w wireless charge pad for smartphones. The charge pad actively charges your phone, whereas similar features just ensure the battery of your phone does not die. There is a combined elbow rest for front-seat occupants, which has a “butterfly” opening, to reveal a cavernous storage space for valuables. The side opening elements allow easy access to the storage area for rear-seat passengers, unlike a rear-hinged lid.

Underneath, the upper tier of the floating console is storage for items such as a handbag or tablet. Making it easier to store smaller items and creating optimal space usage because in a family car you can never have enough storage.

Creating a reassuring and calming environment, new white ambient lighting is used throughout the cabin, with its uniformity giving a premium and harmonious impression.

Practical and flexible

To make it easier to load items, install a children’s seat, or get comfortable in the car, the access to the second row seats is now even more accessible due to the rear passenger doors opening to nearly 90 degrees.

The second row of seats splits in a 60:40 configuration, plus there is a central hatch so long items such as skis can be easily transported without the need to drop either section of the second row of seats. The second row of seats can also slide forward to maximise the trunk space and allow easy access to the third row on the 7-seat configuration.

Second row passengers are well catered for with the option of dedicated controls for the heating/air-conditioning system, taking care of occupant comfort, which is vital in a family car. A key component to ensure a harmonious family trip is a steady supply of power to keep electronic devices nourished. For second row occupants, there is a USB type-A and a USB type-C charging point. Parents of babies and toddlers will appreciate the inclusion of integrated sun-blinds into the rear passenger doors, offering protection on sunny days with an easy one-handed operation.

Thanks to the packaging efficiency of the Alliance CMF-C platform, the new X-Trial is available with a third row of passenger accommodation in the trunk. Individual seats that effortlessly disappear into the floor are designed to accommodate passengers up to 160cm in height, placing it among the most generous in its segment. The space has been optimised to ensure the third-row passengers can put their feet under the second row of seats.

Access to the third row requires a simple operation to tumble the outer seat forward allowing an easy step into the third row.

When the two rear seats are not in use, the resulting trunk space puts the X-Trail among the top-runners in its category for luggage space with a total capacity of 585 litres, an increase of 20 litres, thanks to a best-in-class floor length and also width between wheelhouses. The improvements in the utility of the luggage area make loading baggage easier and the storing small items more convenient. Additionally, the modularity of the two luggage boards offers 16 different layouts, for optimal space usage.

A powered hands-free tailgate makes accessing the boot effortless when hands are anything but free. On the five-seat version, the Flexible Luggage Board System remains and is enhanced for the new model, with reshaped boards, as well as durable carpet on one side and wipe-clean plastic on the other.

CMF-C platform

Like its sibling in Nissan’s European line-up, the all-new Qashqai, the all-new X-Trail is based on the Alliance CMF-C platform, which represents a state-of-the-art automotive structure and technology architecture.

In terms of construction, the body in white makes use of more lightweight material, as well as advanced stamping and welding techniques to increase strength but to also reduce weight. For the first time, the rear hatchback door on the X-Trail is now made of a composite material.

The front and rear doors, front fenders and hood, are all now made of aluminium.

This contributes to refinement, ride comfort and driving response typically found in a higher segment, plus exceptional security in the event of an accident – as well as adding benefits to the car’s overall efficiency.

New suspension and steering design

The all-new X-Trail will continue to offer a rewarding driving experience – building on its reputation as a refined and cossetting drive, but nevertheless, enjoyable when the road turns twisty.

Thanks to the CMF-C platform, the new X-Trail has an updated Macpherson strut set-up at the front. Rear suspension is an advanced multi-link set-up.

The power-steering set-up has been upgraded, offering improved response, better feeling around the central part of the steering range and reduced friction.

Connected control with 35 inches of infotainment

To enhance comfort and make driving more fun, the all-new X-Trail offers an advanced infotainment system with a broad portfolio of connected services including effortless integration of smartphones, in-car WiFi for up to seven devices and NissanConnect Services, and a dedicated app with which to interact with and monitor the vehicle.

The larger, higher resolution 12.3 inch NissanConnect display screen is a digital gateway to navigation, entertainment and vehicle settings, and is compatible with both Android Auto® and Apple CarPlay®, with wireless Apple CarPlay® also introduced.

A new high-definition, fully electronic 12.3 inch TFT multi-information screen offers a choice of configurable layouts to display navigation, entertainment, traffic or vehicle information, all controlled from a new tactile dial switch on the steering wheel. A traditional “Kiriko” cut glass texture is also added to the TFT’s digital background – a nod to Nissan’s Japanese DNA.

An innovative new 10.8-inch (windscreen type) Head-Up Display (HUD) provides the biggest-in-segment image size. Key navigation, driver assistance and road information are projected onto the windscreen within the driver’s line of vision.

Home-to-Car skills are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices. The system supports a wide range of commands, including the ability for drivers to send destinations to the car's navigation by talking to their smart device, minimising the time required to input the destination.

Through the NissanConnect Services smartphone app, vehicle control functions are available such as remote horn and lights, as well as remote door lock and unlock. Smart alerts can also be set including speed, time and zone with app notifications should the vehicle exceed the set parameters. When in the vehicle, drivers can activate the Voice Control feature to easily use a variety of in-vehicle functions and equipment through voice commands without taking their eyes off the road.

If not using their phone’s navigation, drivers can access 3D Maps & Live Traffic, which includes advanced navigation features such as over-the-air map updates, real-time traffic conditions, Google Street View and fuel prices. Door-to-door navigation is also available through the app including a My Car Finder function.

Connectivity extends to all occupants with the console box now offering front and rear USB charging connections with both USB-A and USB-C ports.

Upgraded ProPILOT Assist driver assistance

The new X-Trail is equipped with the next generation of ProPILOT Assist driver assistance, bringing greater driver support in a wider array of circumstances. Called ProPILOT Assist with Navi-link, the system has been designed to reduce fatigue and stress while driving, while being very intuitive to use.

ProPILOT Assist with Navi-link is able to accelerate and brake the vehicle within a single-lane on a highway. The system can accelerate the vehicle to cruise at a set speed, and can brake the vehicle down to 0 km/h in heavy stop-start traffic. The system is able to resume automatically if the vehicle has been stationary for less than three seconds and the traffic in front of the car moves away.

On the new Nissan X-Trail, the updated system is now able to adapt the car’s speed according to additional external circumstances: when the car crosses to a lower speed limit zone on the highway, the system is able to read road signs and take into account navigation system speed limit data to slow the X-Trail to the appropriate speed, meaning the driver doesn’t need to adjust the cruise control speed manually.

The system can also use data from the navigation system to adjust the speed for approaching curves on the highway that have a tighter radius.

Furthermore, ProPILOT Assist with Navi-link can now communicate with the X-Trail’s blind-spot radars to help intervene with steering input correction to help prevent a lane-change manoeuvre, if there is a vehicle in the blind-spot zone.

Thanks to a new upgrade on the existing Moving Object Detection alert, applying the brakes to stop the car if a moving object is detected in front. And if a moving car or a stationary object is detected while reversing, it will stop the car.

Active and passive safety

Additional security comes in the form of Nissan's Intelligent Forward Emergency Braking with predictive function. Thanks to advanced radar technology, sensors are able to read the road beyond the car in front to detect if a vehicle suddenly brakes. The system will apply the brakes to reduce the likelihood of a collision.

Safety at night is enhanced by the fitment of advanced headlamp technology that allows the light unit to be slim, which helps the X-Trail’s aerodynamic efficiency, but adjusts the shape of its beam according to approaching traffic. Using a series of matrix LED units that manage the direction of the beam, the individual matrix LED lights are deactivated as oncoming traffic is detected, effectively leaving the rest of the road well illuminated, but not blinding the driver of the approaching vehicle.

Another feature of the suite of safety technology on-board the all-new X-Trail is the new central airbag, which deploys from between the two front seats, to prevent the front row occupants from making contact in the event of a side-impact. The central airbag supplements the driver and passenger airbags, as well as the side and curtain airbags fitted as standard to the all-new X-Trail.

“The all-new X-Trail is a tour de force of Nissan’s innovative technology. From e-POWER the electrified powertrain which gives that unmistakably EV-drive feeling, with instant response and confidence from our electrified e-4ORCE system, to the advanced driver assistance systems available on all grades to the flexibility of the interior – the new X-Trail has been designed and engineered from the ground up to meet the very exacting needs of our customers. For more than 20 years, X-Trail has been synonymous with comfort, convenience, security and confidence. Add intuitive technology and rugged design, and we’re confident that the new X-Trail will emulate the success of previous generations,” said Leon Dorssers, Regional Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Nissan AMIEO Region.

Ambition 2030

The introduction of the electrified X-Trail comes soon after the introduction of the 100% electric Ariya crossover, the JUKE Hybrid compact crossover and addition of the e-POWER Qashqai. These new electrified offers complement the 100% electric Townstar LCV and Leaf which are already in Nissan’s range, and reflect the brand’s commitment to electrified mobility and sustainability.

As announced in Nissan Ambition 2030, our long-term vision and strategy for empowering mobility and beyond, Nissan aims to become a truly sustainable company, driving towards a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world by empowering journeys and empowering society.

This will be made possible by accelerating electrified mobility with diverse choices and experiences, increasing accessibility and innovation in mobility, and creating a global ecosystem for mobility and beyond.

During the next 10 years, Nissan will deliver exciting, electrified vehicles and technological innovations while expanding its operations globally in support of Nissan's goal for carbon neutrality by 2050.

Nissan X-Trail key data



1.5l VCR turbo ICE






Driven wheels


e-4ORCE 4wd


Max Power Output (kW / PS)

150 / 204

157 / 213

157 / 213

120 / 163

Max Torque Output (Nm)


FR 330 + RR 195

FR 330 + RR 195


Combined WLTP CO2 emissions (g / km)

131 - 134

143 - 145

146 - 148

161 - 164

164 - 166

Combined WLTP CO2 fuel consumption (l / 100 km)

5,8 - 5,9

6,3 - 6,4

6,4 - 6,5

7,1 - 7,2

7,2 - 7,4

Top Speed (km/h)





0-100 km/h (sec)