Leading automobile manufacturer, BAIC unveils its compact SUV with avant-garde styling: BEIJING X55

Beijing Automotive Industry Corp. (BAIC), one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China has announced the launch of its innovation-driven and iconic SUV, characterized by electrification, intelligence, connectivity and sharing.

The BEIJING X55 is a compact SUV with avant-garde styling, excellent power, advanced technology and the latest generation of the BAIC Group's BMFA (Beijing modular functional architecture) platform chassis, which will underpin future vehicle models and plug-in hybrid vehicle models.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BAIC South Africa, Mr Hugo HU says that the company has invested in developing intelligent cars under a new brand, BEIJING underpinned by cooperation with its partners on intelligent connected vehicle technologies. “We’re bringing the best of breed in innovation, supported by Daimler’s technology who have been our main partner in China for years, operating Mercedes-Benz factories in Beijing through joint venture Beijing Benz Automotive.”

Futuristic design

Basil Costa, Senior Manager at BAIC South Africa says that the BEIJING X55 boasts a sophisticated interior and exterior design. “The futuristic design is truly visible in every aspect of the vehicle. The LED lights, floor door induction, hidden door hands, split rear wing and the shark fin aerial accentuates the vehicle’s ultramodern design. Opening the door is like shaking hands, with stylish high class sports car door handle design, which significantly reduces side wind resistance,” says Costa. The BEIJING X55 has a truly avant-garde feel with a sophisticated space-turbo interior, highlighting engine-style air vents, aircraft style steering mechanism and 3D light effect textured ambient lighting. Included in this package is a CarbitLink infontainment system.

“The exterior has a lot more to offer, with an induction pop-up, ensuring that when carrying the key near the vehicle, the BEIJING X55 automatically unlocks and pops up the door handle; when getting out of the vehicle, the vehicle automatically locks and closes the door handle,” says Costa, adding that “pressing the right side of the door handle supports manual unlocking or closing, automatic and manual dual choice. Then there is the Ice-breaking mode, which ensures that if the door handle is frozen due to low temperatures, the door lock motor automatically triggers three times of force to break the ice to ensure that the car use is not affected.”

This vehicle is in a class of its own, with the best in its class, crafted in detail with a borderless low wind resistance grille, large sloping windscreen, flowing curves, split tailgate, hidden door handles, hidden wipers, flat chassis and other designs. “When driving in the rain, the windscreen retains fewer raindrops and the windows on both sides of the driver and passenger sides are cleaner, enhancing driving safety. The BEIJING X55 has ultra-low wind resistance, with a drag coefficient of 0.32” adds Costa.

Power and Performance

With highly efficient power, the magic core of the vehicle, BEIJING X55 holds a 1.5 turbo engine with a 380 dual-clutch transmission (DCT), and 130KW – 305NM, showcasing impeccable power. Acceleration is a breeze with 7.8s 0-100km/h, this BMFA latest generation 2.0 architecture chassis also offers multiple driving modes: eco, comfort, sports and smart. This double Top 10 Powertrain winner, has an efficient fuel consumption of per 100km: 7,2 litres and a 0-100km/h acceleration in 7.8 seconds.

Safety Highlights


Breaking and parking

Toughest safety test


• 6 airbags as standard on all the series of models

• Rear seat belt dash icon reminder

• Meet the C-NCAP 5- star safety standard and C-IASI CPSR full G standard



• EBA – emergency braking assist

• Electronic parking brake

• Hill hold control

• Hill descendent control

• Warning of tired driving

• Crash doors unlock automatically


• Meets the highest rating of two of China's toughest safety test standards

• Bosch’s 9.3 latest generation ESP system

• Front & rear sensors