Citroën OLI: radical, responsible and optimitic approach initiates audacious future intentions for the brand


Citroën ‘oli’ [all-ë] is a striking conceptual manifesto of intelligent ideas challenges the status quo; a destination for versatile and enjoyable all-electric mobility to enhance the lives and lifestyles of all kinds of people

Citroën ‘oli’ [all-ë] dares to say ‘enough’ by bucking industry trends for heavier, more complex and expensive zero-emission family vehicles to meet societal and mobility challenges of tomorrow Builds on innovative Ami with compelling ways to make mobility joyful, affordable, responsible and multi-useful


Targets ‘best-in-class’ Life Cycle Assessment through reduced weight and complexity, recycled and recyclable materials, affordability, durability and longevity Optimistic ‘laboratory on wheels’ is a multi-faceted manifesto of intelligent ideas for tomorrow

Target weight of 1000kg to deliver 400km range; top speed limited to 110km/h for maximum efficiency and 10kWh/100km consumption; 20% to 80% charging in around 23 minutes Prompts new approach to Citroën electric vehicle ownership customer services and partnership experiences


Not a car – a multi-purpose everyday extension to your life that is as useful when you aren’t driving it as when you are

Lifestyle enabler: electric device with smart V2G and V2L capability and power for enjoyable driving and living

Unconventional silhouette heroes honest aesthetics driven by functionality, efficiency and durability Strong personality embodies clever industrial product design approach and embraces multi-activity versatility

Efficient with identical front doors, bumpers and protective elements, flat panels and glass, low weight materials

Strong flat bonnet, roof and pick-up bed panels you can stand on made from re-cycled honeycomb cardboard Unique steel/aluminium hybrid wheels shod with sustainable and intelligent Goodyear Eagle GO concept tyres

Spacious, innovative interior with beam dash, ‘Smartband’ HMI projector and ‘bring your own device’  infotainment 

Comfortable office-style ‘mesh’ backed seats, washable floor and low-weight, recyclable materials Circle of life: can be refurbished, upgraded and repaired with recycled parts and resold for several owners


Demonstrates Citroën’s mission to deliver straightforward all-electric mobility for all, to enhance people’s daily lives and with the lowest possible impact on the environment Symbolically introduces new interpretation of Citroën’s ‘deux chevrons’ logo to be adopted in all new product reveals and a new corporate identity Expect to see oli ideas, design details and interior advances represented in future production models

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