Croatia joins Women's World Car of the Year
Ines Brežnjak

With Ines Brežnjak's appointment, WWCOTY reaches 41 countries

Motoring journalist Ines Brežnjak has joined the international Women's World Car of the Year team, the only car awards panel in the world comprised entirely of women who are experts in their field.  

Her inclusion now means WWCOTY reaches 41 countries and Ines brings a wealth of experience to the mix.

Ines Brežnjak is a journalist at, one of the biggest news portals in Croatia, which belongs to the RTL group. It is also the first in Croatia to form a special section within the automotive section, called Women's Corner, where Ines Brežnjak introduces car tests exclusively from a women's perspective in the form of both video and writing.

She believes that being a part of the automotive world as a female journalist is both a demanding and wonderful experience. She said: “Every new car that I test is a new challenge and this is actually why I love my job so much and why I enjoy doing it ".

Croatia is a country where cars with petrol engines are still the most sought after. Recent trends show that people are interested in electric cars. Their demand has grown since the state gave incentives to EV buyers and the number of electric vehicles in 2021 has doubled compared to 2020.