Chery calls all Legacy Customers

Chery South Africa is taking to the road to find, and welcome, all existing Chery customers.

China’s largest vehicle exporter and multiple Chinese Car of the Year winner has launched a Legacy Customer campaign in which it is inviting owners of previous generation models to share their details with Chery.

In turn, Chery South Africa will add them to its service and support database and make all the necessary service and repair parts available to them through its fast-growing network of dealers.

Chery South Africa only opened its doors in Mzansi in 2021, but its previous generation vehicles were imported and sold by an independent importer for approximately a decade starting in 2007.

According to the South African national vehicle register, more than 15 000 Chery vehicles were sold by the previous importer, with most of them still in regular use.

“We have entered South Africa to support and grow the Chery brand. This means our doors are open for all Chery owners, whether their vehicles are 10 years or 10 days old,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

“As part of our commitment, we endeavour to stock all the necessary service and support components required by older Chery models in the near future. By growing the Legacy Customer database, we will be able to more accurately predict what parts and components these legacy models may require.”

The campaign is supported in full by Chery’s network of 45 dealers. Each dealer is encouraged to find and sign-up Chery owners in their area and to invite them to visit the dealer. Once there, they can sign up to the Legacy Customer database and learn about the brand’s support for older models.

While the Chery dealers are the first point of contact, Chery has also created a dedicated sign-up page on its website for owners at

There will also be a dedicated marketing campaign on Chery’s digital channels and in its newsletter aimed at legacy owners.

“We promise that the new Chery Legacy Customer programme will not simply be a static database of existing models and their service needs.

“We want to make every Chery owner feel part of the family and as such we will extend many of our customer campaigns, new model test drive opportunities and fun initiatives to existing owners.

“We will also launch unique programmes for Legacy Customers to make sure that they experience all that the Chery family – and our #WithCheryWithLove customer programme ¬– has to offer,” says Liu.