Customise your Corolla Cross

The Corolla Cross is one of the most anticipated products of 2021, signalling the first Corolla SUV and offering both traditional petrol and petrol-electric hybrid drivetrains in a spacious, competitive product offering. Launched earlier this month, the newcomer has garnered considerable interest with customers having racked up sales of over 1400 units thus far.

In consideration of the modern consumer's need for personalisation and making their vehicle their own, Toyota is pleased to announce the availability of a multitude of accessory packages and electronic convenience add-on features for Corolla Cross.

Four bespoke exterior packages are on offer: X-Over (Crossover), Hybrid, Urban Sport, and Adventure.

X-Over Package:

The X-Over package features rugged matte black cladding on the radiator grille and front bumper, a silver front guard with three-dimensional design, matching side skirt design, rear bumper insert, window safety film and gloss-black alloy wheels (available in 17" and 18" versions). Priced at R 23 690.

Hybrid Package:

The Hybrid package is exclusive to the Hybrid Xs and Hybrid Xr models. Complementing the blue Toyota insignia are matching boomerang-shaped corner trim garnishes finished in metallic blue, blue side skirt inserts, rear bumper corner inserts and blue trim on the C-pillar (below the Corolla Cross badging). With the addition of the Hybrid package, the Corolla Cross Hybrid models proudly display their new-energy credentials in an eye-catching yet stylish way. Priced at R 7 964.

Urban Sport Package: 

The Urban Sport package combines utility with rugged style by offering enhanced protection to the vehicle exterior while creating a unique visual identity. A black front bumper spoiler is joined by an extended side skirt and diffuser-like rear bumper insert. Priced at R 18 723.

Adventure Package:

The Adventure Package amplifies the SUV appearance of the Corolla Cross with stylish exterior enhancements. A silver front bumper spoiler with raised surface detailing is accompanied by silver side skirt inserts and matching rear bumper spoiler. Priced at R 18 723.

Availability and Ordering:

The Adventure and Urban Sport packages are classified as a dealer-installed option (DIO), as it requires painting of the components. The X-over and Hybrid packages can be applied at the time of ordering and fitted as part of the production process or alternatively be fitted retrospectively as a dealer installed option.

Electronic Accessories:

A host of electronic convenience aids are also available on the Corolla Cross. These are available for individual purchase and can be fitted and installed at the dealership:

  • Front digital video recorder - R 2 390
  • Front and rear digital video recorder - R 3 722
  • Front parking sensors (2 pcs or 4 pcs) - R 3 147/R 3 998
  • Rear parking sensors - R1 602
  • LED front fog lamps - R 4 091
  • Wireless charger - R 2 789
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) - R 4 078
  • Heads-Up Display (HUD) - R 4 422
  • Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) - R 8 836

Electronic Accessory Packages:

The following electronic packages can be fitted at the time of ordering (post-production installation):

C-Cross Package 1 - R 10 225

Combines Front parking sensors, rear parking sensors, LED front fog lamps (applicable to Xi models).

C-Cross Package 5 - R 5 867

Combines the digital driver recorder and wireless charger (applicable to all models).

C-Cross Package 6 - R2 946

Wireless charger.

C-Cross Package 7 - R7 613

Combines the digital driver recorder and heads-up display (applicable to all models).

C-Cross Package 8 - R2 922

Combines the digital driver recorder (front view only).

Protection & Styling Accessories:

In order to provide functional enhancement and protection to your Corolla Cross, an array of utility-themed accessories is also offered:

  • Scuff plate - silver - R1 410
  • Scuff plate - silver & black - R1 731
  • Load area mat (textile) - R370
  • Load are mat (rubber coin) - R404
  • Cargo net - R703
  • Cargo organiser - R577

Functional Accessories:

  • Tow bar (detachable) - R 8 519
  • Tow bar (fixed) - R 7 620

Interior Accessories:

  • Leather Interior (applicable to the Xi grade) - R 11 931
  • Window safety film (applicable to Xi, Xs, Xr petrol models) - enquire at dealer

Customers thus have the option of not only customising the exterior look of their Corolla Cross, but also adding convenience features, electronic driver aids and utility-based enhancements