Armoured Mobility reveals its Battle-Tested Land Rover on Display in Sandton

Armoured Mobility has once again demonstrated the superior capabilities of its armoured vehicles by putting them through the most extreme tests imaginable.

Our battle-tested Land Rover, showcased at Securex 2024, was subjected to an array of gunfire, from handguns to high-powered rifles, and emerged with zero penetration into the cabin. This impressive display solidifies Armoured Mobility's reputation for unmatched build quality and stopping power.

At the Securex 2024 event, our bullet-riddled Land Rover was a major attraction, drawing significant interest and admiration. Extensively shot at using a range of small to high-powered weapons, including a 9mm handgun, .44 Magnum, AK-47 (7.62x39), and R1 Rifle (7.62x51), the vehicle showcased our superior armour products. The dramatic testing was supported by rich video content of the shooting, leaving visitors highly impressed by the durability and effectiveness of our armoured solutions.

The testing was conducted at the Gerotek Test Facilities in Pretoria, ensuring that our results were achieved under the most rigorous and controlled conditions and undertaken by ballistic experts and analysts.

For the purposes of achieving our continued armoured certification with ARMSCOR, we armoured the front windscreen, rear glass and the driver’s side with B6 ballistic armour and glass. The front passenger and rear on the same side has B4 armour, which allowed us the opportunity to test both B4 and B6 Protection levels.

The outcome was clear: while the vehicle's exterior was impacted significantly, there was zero penetration into the cabin, proving the exceptional protection offered by Armoured Mobility's designs.

We invite you to visit our Sandton showroom at 168 Grayston Drive, to get a closer look at this remarkable vehicle and experience the epitome of armoured vehicles. Armoured Mobility continues to set the standard in the industry, and this latest demonstration is a testament to our commitment to safety and quality.