Clark Announces American Homecoming
Mr. Chuck Moratz, Clark’s current Global President

Clark Material Handling is pleased to announce the establishment of its Global Headquarters in the United States. This move returns a premier American brand, the creator of the modern forklift, from Korea back to the US and lays the foundation for a global growth strategy that begins with a homecoming.

Clark’s Global Headquarters will merge with Clark Material Handling Company (CMHC), in Lexington, Kentucky, North American operations, leveraging the strengths of both companies and positioning Clarkfor further global growth in the coming decades. The integrated organization will be effective July 1, 2024, and will be located in Dallas, Texas, upon the official opening of the new Headquarters planned for January 1, 2025.

Mr. Chuck Moratz, Clark’s current Global President, will lead the integrated organization and serve as CEO at CMHC. Mr. Moratz has over 30 years of extensive forklift experience and an unwavering commitment to the Clark company. He has held various pivotal positions at CMHC, including Engineering Director, Vice President of Truck Operations, and COO. His global roles have included Vice President of Global Engineering and President of Global HQ. In addition, he has overseen the introduction of numerous IC and electric new products, including the bullet-proof S-Series product line. Mr. Moratz holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from West Point and has served in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) in Korea.

“Clark remains steadfast in its promise to deliver the highest-quality products and services worldwide. By relocating and combining our operations, we will accelerate new product development and the integration of new technologies to meet the changing needs of our customers while providing the best service and lowest cost of ownership in the industry”, says Chuck Moratz. “We appreciate the continued support of our employees, dealers, customers, and the market as we embark on this exciting new chapter. Together, we will build on our legacy of over 100 years of excellence and drive Clark to new heights.”