Stellantis commits to robust customer care promise

Stellantis has committed to a series of guarantees for customers owning its vehicles within their warranty period. The company’s Customer Care Promise puts the customer at the very centre of the ownership experience, delivering service commitments aimed at benchmarking the greatest customer satisfaction in the industry.

“Whilst customers are at the heart of Stellantis, their satisfaction with their vehicle should be at the heart of their experience with us and our brands,” says Stellantis Managing Director Mike Whitfield. “As such, we’re committing ourselves to making that experience the very best in the industry.”

With a keen goal of supplying a product for every life stage, Stellantis can supply a suitable mobility solution for most demands from its stable of seven brands. Alfa Romeo, FIAT, Abarth, the Jeep® brand, PEUGEOT, Citroën, and OPEL will deliver a commanding performance for every life adventure – or just the daily commute.

Now Stellantis is more determined than ever to make that ownership experience the best in the industry. And it has made four major promises to achieve that.

The first is that every passenger vehicle from Stellantis comes with a five years/100 000 km warranty, such is the belief in the reliability and quality of their products. For customers, this means that any unexpected failure is covered by Stellantis, supplying peace of mind that their vehicle will always be in an excellent condition.

Keeping customers mobile is the essence of Stellantis’ second and third promise. Significant investment in the dealer network, the consolidation of parts distribution into a single centre, and a steadfast commitment to customer service allows these promises to be a reality.

Stellantis guarantees mobility for a customer whose vehicle is forced to remain at a Stellantis dealer workshop if the Original Equipment (OE) parts or diagnostics are not available within 48 hours. Customers will be offered a courtesy vehicle in the unlikely event that these parts and services are unavailable within this time.

If a collision or major repairs are being undertaken by an approved supplier, Stellantis also guarantees customers mobility should the repairer be waiting for OE parts or technical assistance beyond 30 days. Any repaired vehicle will also receive a Quality Check Certificate to ensure manufacturer standards are met.

The final promise from Stellantis is to dispatch a security detail on request for any roadside assistance situation to keep our customers safe.

Of course, the Stellantis Customer Care Promise is underpinned by the entire organisation’s and dealer network’s commitment to service excellence at every touch point.