SANRAL N2/N3 EB Cloete upgrade, road closures: all you need to know

The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) has announced the following temporary road closures for the placement of bridge beams for the new King Cetshwayo Bridge on the M13 over the N2.

North Bound Closure: 20:00, Saturday 18 May 2024 to 04:00, Sunday 19 May 2024.

South Bound Closure: 20:00, Sunday 19 May 2024 to 04:00, Monday 20 May 2024.

This major road network is and has been under major stress for a number of years, as traffic volumes have exceeded the original design capacity of the EB Cloete Interchange and its feeder roads. The King Cetshwayo Bridge was built in the late 1960s and now cannot accommodate the extra lanes below it.

This current work forms part of a major national road network upgrade that is being undertaken throughout the province to relieve traffic congestion. The N2 Northern and Southern between the EB Cloete Interchange (Spaghetti Junction) and the Umgeni Road Interchange will be closed respectively on Saturday and Sunday nights for eight hours.

These closures are to enable the placement of bridge beams for the new King Cetshwayo Bridge on the M13 over the N2 near Westwood Mall as part of SANRAL’s major upgrade of the N2 North and South bound, and the EB Cloete Interchange. Road closures will take place at various points in a radius outward from the EB Cloete Interchange.

As required for the safety of both road users and the construction team, full traffic accommodation plans are in place and people using this road will have noticed that signage, barriers and traffic calming are already being installed.

Trucks and heavy vehicles are advised to try and delay trips over this period and/or find suitable staging areas over this timeframe to avoid major congestion. Public transport operators must ensure their drivers are aware of route closures and alternatives affecting their commuter routings.

Light vehicle traffic, as well as emergency services and traffic management are advised to make use of alternative routing.

A detailed alternative routing guide can be found on this link:

All road users are advised to plan their routes ahead of time and where possible leave for destinations earlier than usual.

NORTH BOUND CLOSURE: 20:00, SAT 18 MAY 2024 TO 04:00, SUNDAY19 MAY 2024.

N2 closed as follows at EB Cloete Interchange (AKA Spaghetti Junction) N3/N2 Interchange

N3 West bound (Durban to Pinetown):

  • Ramp to N2 North (to Umhlanga/King Shaka International Airport)

N3 East bound (Pinetown to Durban):

  • Ramp to N2 North (to Umhlanga/King Shaka International Airport)

N2 North Bound (Amanzimtoti to Umhlanga):

  • On N2 North Freeway (to Umhlanga/King Shaka International Airport)

SOUTH BOUND CLOSURE: 20:00, SUN 19 MAY 2024 TO 04:00, MONDAY 20 MAY 2024.

Umgeni Road (M19)/N2 Interchange

  • M19: No access to N2 South

Inanda Road Interchange

  • N2 South Bound: No access to N2 South

SANRAL appeals to road users to note and comply with the advance warning signs and speed restrictions when travelling past the construction work zones. To prioritise the safety of both the construction workers and road users, the speed limit along the route will be reduced during construction.