FIAT supports for the second year the World Meeting on Human Fraternity with its electrified fleet

FIAT proudly announces its continued support for the World Meeting on Human Fraternity (WMHF) for the second consecutive year.

Organized by the “Fratelli Tutti” Vatican Foundation under the theme #BeHuman, in Rome on May 10th and 11th, this gathering aims to foster dialogue and cooperation among global luminaries from diverse fields to address pressing societal challenges.

Central to FIAT’s involvement in this event is its dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. As part of its commitment, the FIAT fleet of electrified vehicles, comprising Fiat 600, including the debut appearance of the Hybrid one, will ensure efficient and environmentally friendly mobility for attendees. This showcase of FIAT's cutting-edge electrified technology underscores the Brand's proactive approach to promote a more sustainable mobility.

During the WMHF, distinguished personalities from around the globe will get together to explore pathways to human fraternity and collective well-being through a series of dynamic discussions across 12 thematic tables. Notably, one of the pivotal discussions at the Meeting, focusing on sustainability, will be attended by FIAT CEO, Olivier Francois, reflecting the Brand’s dedication to sustainable commitment and initiatives. Under the theme "Sostenibilità e Impresa: essere buoni conviene"/”Sustainability and Enterprise: being good pays off” this session will examine the role of fraternity as a catalyst for sustainable practices in the corporate sector. It will advocate for a recentering of common good, social cohesion, and collaborative action to redefine quality of life—a paramount challenge facing modern enterprises.

This year's event marks the second gathering following the historic Fraternity Declaration signed on June 10th 2023, underscoring the ongoing commitment of global leaders to fostering a more interconnected and compassionate world.

FIAT is honored to contribute to the World Meeting on Human Fraternity, reaffirming its dedication to driving positive change and advancing the shared values of sustainability on a global scale.

World Meeting on Human Fraternity Roundtables (LINK: World Meeting on Human Fraternity - Fondazione Fratelli tutti)