Fleet Safety Awards 2024 open!

The Fleet Safety Awards 2024 is launching today, revealing a completely refreshed entry and judging site. As from now, candidates can submit their entry into the running to be crowned one of the winners in November.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the launch of the Awards was planned for the month of May because of its significance to the organisation. “During May, we celebrate our 25th anniversary. The Fleet Safety Awards is one of the achievements made over our rich 25-year history.

“Its growth and support in the first year surpassed initial expectations with the second year of the Awards bettering even that. The significance the Fleet Safety Awards and, especially the place it holds in the MasterDrive calendar as well as the role it has come to play in the road safety arena, is one of powerful influence and encouragement to promote safety within fleets.” 

This year, challenges with the dedicated entry site were resolved. “The process is simpler, faster and more user friendly. These changes combine the first and send entries into a single entry- divesting of the need to return to answer the more extensive questions.

“These questions are further streamlined. There are less questions, but which still gain a deeper understanding of how entrants prioritise promotion of road safety. Several other changes simplify the process more. We are confident entrants will appreciate these changes considerably.”

Many elements were refined to create an ultimate user experience. “Users can benefit from new guides and information providing direction on how to submit the best possible entry. The intention is to make the process as useful and simplified as possible for busy professionals with many demands on their time.

MasterDrive looks forward to recognising those committed to road safety and, consequently, make the Awards an even stronger driving force within corporates. We anticipate the entries will double again in 2024. With tremendously successful awards in 2022 and 2023, we highly anticipate what this year holds,” says Herbert.

Anton Cornelissen, Head of Santam Heavy Haulage Insurance, a headline partner, says Santam is proud to partner with MasterDrive’s Fleet Safety Awards for the second consecutive year. “It aligns with our core values and commitment to road safety within the transportation industry. Recognising and celebrating excellence and achievements of companies and individuals, sets a benchmark for excellence, encouraging other businesses to prioritise safety.

“The Awards play a crucial role in changing the road safety narrative. Shining a spotlight on businesses and individuals leading safer driving, helps shift focus from the more prominent negative exposure of road safety. It inspires other companies to emulate winning strategies, driving a culture of continuous improvement and a shared commitment to road safety,” says Cornelissen.

Jennifer Heyes, Marketing Director Africa at Castrol, another headline partner, says: “Safety is one of our core values as it is linked to our BP corporate philosophy of ‘care for others’. We are in the business of helping motorists get to their destination – so we assume responsibility for promoting road safety. 

“With many trucks on our highways, it is vital to reinforce road safety awareness. By providing fleet operators with opportunities to learn from one another, these awards help save lives. This is why we are supporting the Fleet Safety Awards for the second consecutive year.”

The Director of Sales at Webfleet, the newest headline partner, Justin Mason, says a key objective is promoting road safety through products and services. “It provides real time information helping make drivers and fleets safer. Partnering with MasterDrive on this initiative makes perfect sense, fitting in with our commitment to road safety.  

“This initiative highlights companies and individuals leading the way in fleet safety and, by default, road safety. As the event grows, we will see more fleets participating as part of their commitment to safer roads. It is a platform for organisations to learn from each other and share best practices in fleet safety,” says Mason.

Click here to submit your entry: https://fleetsafetyawards.co.za/site/