Your phone a killer

As driving while distracted (DWD) month has just ended, MasterDrive issues a reminder of how tragic DWD can be.

In a world governed by constant connectivity, it is no surprise DWD is one of the most prevalent threats and rapidly growing concerns in road safety. Awareness of the potentially catastrophic consequences associated with checking a message has never been as important to share as its occurrence surges.

A prominent insurer estimates as many as 60% of crashes amongst their clients result from DWD. The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, expands on this: “The same statistic can be applied to the wider population and perhaps be even higher. It is difficult to prove someone was using their phone before a crash without specialised software to assist.

“Thus, if you are guilty of using your phone and driving while knowing that 60% of crashes could be as a result of DWD, MasterDrive compiled statistics that should change the mind of anyone who persists in this dangerous driving behaviour,” says Herbert.

Facts about distracted driving

Traffic collisions are the number one cause of workplace injuries and fatalities

Texting while driving is 6 times more likely to cause a crash than driving drunk

Answering a text takes your attention away for about 5 seconds

Cellphone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes annually in the US, reported by the National Safety Council

25% off all reported collisions are caused by cellphones in the US

2-second glances double’s the likelihood of a crash

20% of fleets suffer from a crash every year 

About 88% of drivers check for messages on their devices

Most people check their phone 150 times a day

With these stats in mind, the importance of adopting digital assistance in reducing DWD is more important than ever. “Software can be used to remove or reduce the temptation while still allowing essential communication to still take place. Stats such as these should propel action from individuals and organizations across South Africa,” says Herbert.