Armoured Mobility Introduces South Africa's First Porsche Panamera with B6 Armour

Armoured Mobility proudly unveils a revolutionary milestone in automotive security with the introduction of South Africa's inaugural Porsche Panamera Turbo built with B6 Armour.

This groundbreaking achievement has really exceeded the protection demands of our discerning clientele.

The convergence of opulence and safety has been captured perfectly with this build. Our team of seasoned experts have engineered the Porsche Panamera to withstand a spectrum of ballistic threats, including high-calibre rifles such as the AK47, R1, and R5 rifles. This heralds a new benchmark for armoured vehicles across South Africa.

The integration of B6 Armour ensures that this sleek and sophisticated vehicle offers uncompromising protection without compromising on its distinctive style or performance. Constructed with precision and fortified with cutting-edge ballistic materials, the Porsche Panamera with B6 Armour epitomizes the pinnacle of automotive security.

Protection Specifications of the Porsche Panamera Turbo with B6 Armour:

Armoured A, B, & C pillars with armoured Divider – B6 Ballistic Glass – Complete Armoured Capsule – Front doors, Rear doors, Firewall, Armoured Roof, Armoured Reinforced Sunroof, Intercom System and Runflat steel band tyres.

The intricate design of the Panamera required bespoke armour and B6 ballistic glass, required to seamlessly integrate with the vehicle's architecture. Following manufacturing and shipping to South Africa, our skilled technicians embarked on an intensive 12-week journey to armour this masterpiece to perfection. Today, we proudly announce that it resides in the hands of a highly satisfied and impeccably protected client.

Armoured Mobility remains steadfast in our mission to redefine automotive security, and the introduction of South Africa's first Porsche Panamera with B6 Armour reaffirms our unwavering commitment to excellence.